man thinking about heroin addiction

Heroin Addiction in Orange County, CA

Recent news stories in Southern California indicate a rising problem of heroin addiction in Orange County, CA, surprisingly among the privileged suburban youth of communities like Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. Youth heroin addiction, like many across the country, tends to start with prescription painkillers. Prescription Opioid Use Leads to Heroin Addiction in Orange County,…

man thinking about is methadone an opiate

Is Methadone an Opiate?

Opiate addiction is a powerful and toxic force that can be near-impossible to overcome without treatment. While medical professionals often prescribe methadone to help, there’s a common question that surfaces: is methadone an opiate? The answer is yes, and unfortunately what starts as a helpful medication can transform into addiction. Methadone withdrawal can be crippling…

doctor talking to people about insurance cover gender specific rehab

Is A Gender-Specific Addiction Program Covered By Insurance?

There are a number of benefits to choosing a gender-specific addiction program, and many men look forward to the prospect of recovering through these programs. Although committing to a rehab program is vital, you also need to know whether your insurance will cover the cost of the program. Here are some ways to find out…