addictive painkillers

Why It’s Hard to Quit Using Addictive Painkillers

Trying to quit addictive painkillers can be one of the most difficult challenges in an individual’s life. Most people begin taking these medications for legitimate reasons. However, it’s important to understand the signs of addiction as well as how to get off of these dangerous medications. What Are Addictive Painkillers? In an effort to help…


What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? How It Helps with Addiction

When it comes to addiction treatment, professionals use various therapies, with cognitive behavioral therapy being among the most effective. However, what is cognitive behavioral therapy? Learn how therapists and counselors use it to aid in addiction treatment. What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Also known as CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most beneficial…

alcohol poisoning

What Does Alcohol Poisoning Feel Like?

In moderation, alcohol consumption isn’t problematic. However, some consume too much alcohol too quickly, which can result in alcohol poisoning. Without treatment, this condition can be fatal. In fact, the CDC estimates that approximately 2,200 people die from this condition each year. What causes alcohol poisoning, and what are the symptoms associated with this condition?…

narcotic addiction

Signs And Symptoms Of A Narcotic Addiction

Narcotics are drugs that alleviate pain. They can also induce feelings of euphoria. Morphine, methadone, and codeine are examples of legal narcotics, while heroin, LSD, peyote, and ecstasy are all illegal. Whether legal or illegal, long-term use of these substances can greatly increase one’s risk of developing a narcotic addiction. What Does a Narcotic Addiction…