man offering someone a baggie of coke after explaining crack vs cocaine

Crack vs. Cocaine

Deaths involving cocaine and similar drugs continue to increase. In 2017, among over 70,000 drug overdose deaths, nearly a third or 23,139 involved cocaine and other psychostimulants. Those seeking cocaine addiction treatment in California should consider Serenity Lodge. Our staff strives to educate clients regarding the danger of substance abuse. For example, it’s important to understand the difference…

man clutching chest with pills scattered on a desk unaware of the dangers of designer drugs

Dangers of Designer Drugs

The Dangers of Designer Drugs Though they may sound glamorous or even high end, designer drugs are anything but. A fancy nickname can’t disguise these substances for what they truly are: harmful, illicit drugs that have serious, potentially life-threatening consequences. The dangers of designer drugs are real — even if they’re legally prescribed, these substances…

pill bottle spilling out the cause of opioid epidemic 2019

Opioid Epidemic in 2019

The most important thing to know about the opioid epidemic in 2019 is that the overall stats are still being tabulated. Opioids are addictive and powerful painkillers available as prescription drugs. The opioid epidemic in 2019 began years before with these prescriptions. Pills like oxycodone got people hooked, and these people then transitioned to other…

consumer examining pill bottles in store because addiction is a disease

Make No Mistake: Addiction Is a Disease

Some people think of drug or alcohol addiction is a weakness. These people also believe that ending addiction is just a personal choice. In reality, addiction is a complex disease. While willpower and good intentions won’t heal addiction by themselves, the right addiction treatment programs in Southern California can lead to lasting recovery. What Is…

hands holding pills unaware of dangers of substance abuse

Dangers of Substance Abuse

Many people experiment with drugs and alcohol. They try different things due to peer pressure, curiosity, and other reasons. But you don’t have to let those experimental moments turn into something more serious. If you find that you’re starting to use substances, it’s time to get the help and support you need to break your…

man pouring pills into his hand one of the types of drug addiction

Types of Addiction

At Serenity Lodge, we aim to help those seeking relief from substance abuse disorders in Lake Arrowhead, California. As part of this mission, we believe that the more our clients know about addiction, the better their chances are for a life free of drugs and alcohol. There are many types of drug addiction, from alcohol…