If you can’t stop abusing alcohol on a regular basis, you need immediate assistance. At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, we know that alcoholism often progresses undetected. Before you realize you’re in danger, you’re already head-deep into the problem. Alcohol withdrawal manifests differently from one person to another, usually affecting some more than others.

In general, however, the withdrawal is a sign of addiction, and it tells you that you should start seeking help. Our center for alcohol withdrawal in Orange County provides you with a state-of-the-art rehab treatment, designed to bring your life back to normal. Many victims of alcoholism try to solve their problems on their own.

That’s almost always a bad idea since alcoholism is a mental disorder with severe implications in the long run. When lacking professional assistance, the rehabilitation process generally fails, and you will soon relapse. Our system uses a vastly different approach. Treating alcoholism is a long-term effort; you may need to fight it for years to come. The difference is that we’ll show you how easy it can be. The strategy we’re using involves strategies like:

Psychological and behavioral rehabilitation

Restoring the chemical balance at the brain level is easy. We generally use medication to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal. But the recovery process requires more than that. Our psychotherapies will fill in the blanks, providing you with all the support you need to:

  • Regain your cognitive and mental prowess
  • Become emotionally stable
  • Control your cravings with greater ease
  • Realize how beautiful life is in the absence of alcohol
  • Regain your ability to enjoy the little things

This strategy is vital when countering alcohol withdrawal in Orange County. The programs that do that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), etc.

Spiritual and emotional rejuvenation

If your spirit breaks, your mind will follow the same path. You can’t restore one’s sense of stability and wholeness, without healing the soul first. Alcoholism has the reputation of breaking a person’s will, along with the ability to manifest joy, interest or pleasure in anything other than alcohol. We will help you break that cycle.

By using a holistic approach, we provide you with a variety of activities that you will surely enjoy. These include:

  • Guided meditation
  • Sauna
  • Gym workouts
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Visit the library
  • Going to the movie theater
  • A professional recording studio
  • Indoor Racquetball, etc.

Building a better, more relevant system of values

This is the hard part. Without having a solid foundation for your personal values, you can’t express life-long goals, and you can’t define your meaning. We have included this in treating alcohol withdrawal in Orange County because we believe it’s among the few things that give people meaning. We’ll teach you the right values that you need to become more resolute and more successful as a human being.

At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, our purpose is to help people rediscover their true selves. With our help, you can beat alcohol withdrawal, and you can leave addiction behind.

Alcohol Withdrawal Orange County