You’re struggling with drug addiction, and you’re looking for a reliable drug rehab center but without much success. We know how hard it can be to find a reliable rehab service provider. Many have too few rehab programs, while others resort to mildly effective procedures at best. So, what should you be looking for?

Our drug treatment facilities in Riverside County rank among the most popular in the industry for reasons like:

  • Residential, luxurious stay
  • A multitude of high-end rehab procedures
  • Experienced, friendly staff
  • Personalized treatment
  • The genuine preoccupation for your wellbeing
  • Advanced educational programs and relapse prevention strategies

We have helped numerous people over the time, many of them being in critical condition upon arrival. No matter your health status of the advancement of the substance addiction, we can find a way to help you recover and heal. We achieve that through programs like:

12-Step Rehab Program – This rehabilitation program has been improved consistently since its first release. It fits both male and female patients, and its purpose is to cultivate ideas like humility, mental strength, acceptance, and moral improvement. It’s a critical part of the rehab strategy, and it will transform your life in ways you never would’ve thought possible.

Behavioral Therapy – The behavioral therapy is meant to tap into the limbic system and rewire the brain’s functioning pattern. Drugs trigger the three layers of the limbic system which are trigger, behavior, and reward. To correct the problem means to eliminate the drugs from the system and reshape the brain’s tendency by replacing the drug with natural and harmless activities. It will help you better cope with stress, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, depression, and many other psychological problems.

CBT, ACT, DBT – These are three types of behavioral therapies, aiming to address your emotional and behavioral problems. They will treat problems like denial, depression, anxiety, stress, negativity, and inner conflicts, allowing you to regain your self-control and confidence. They are at the foundation of our rehab treatment and serve as one of the best mechanisms against relapse.

Grief and Loss Counseling – If you’ve lost someone dear to you, the impact of the event may affect you psychologically for years to follow. In many cases, it’s what drives people to a path of drug abuse, in an attempt of escaping the pain. Our counselors will help you in any way they can. Our grief and loss counseling program aims to show you how to persevere, leave all the negativity behind you, and focus on a brighter future. It’s time to move on with your life since you only have one to enjoy.

If you’re looking for top drug treatment facilities in Riverside County, we’re here, at your disposal, 24/7. Contact us for any questions – we’ll be happy to hear your personal story and show you the path to a new life.

Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead is an oasis for people who’ve lost their path in life. We believe you deserve a second chance. Take our hand and let’s change your world!

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