Substance abuse is a difficult disease and one that requires professional treatment. In many instances, those who have a substance abuse also have an underlying mental health disorder. This can work to aggravate or complicate the substance addiction. In order to recover you will need the help of dual diagnosis treatment centers near me in San Bernardino County. Dual diagnosis simply means that you will receive treatment for more than just your substance addiction.

Dual Diagnosis

There are a number of different mental health disorders that someone may suffer from at the same time as an addiction. A dual diagnosis involves both substance abuse and a mental health disorder co-occurring. Some of the most common types of mental health disorders that may occur include bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression and schizophrenia, among others.

Dual diagnosis can make treating substance abuse more complicated. However, it will be more effective when both are treated at the same time. This is what occurs at dual diagnosis treatment centers near me in San Bernardino County.

You may already know about an underlying mental condition or it may be something that needs to be properly diagnosed. A professional has the expertise to adequately make a diagnosis regarding both the addiction and any mental disorder that is also affecting the person.


Once a dual diagnosis is confirmed it makes it much easier to provide successful treatment to an individual. A treatment plan will be developed based on the individual needs of the person with a dual diagnosis. A customized treatment plan is essential to your successful recovery.

Therapy treatments that include individual, group and family sessions are generally part of a typical substance abuse treatment plan. When the participant has dual diagnosis, additional specialized treatments are also included.

Some of the types of specialty treatments may include such things as grief and loss counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, expressive arts therapy, relapse prevention education and more.

Regardless of the circumstances of your particular dual diagnosis, you will benefit from entering a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatments. Dual diagnosis treatment centers near me in San Bernardino County have professionals who are skilled and experienced in handling all types of treatments.

The goal of any rehab program is to provide you with the skills and tools that you need to lead a successful life outside of rehab without drugs. You will learn what types of things contributed to your drug or alcohol abuse so you can take steps to make changes. Then, you can recognize the triggers of substance abuse so you won’t relapse in the future.

When searching for a facility it is best to choose dual diagnosis treatment centers near me in San Bernardino County so you can get the type of treatment that you need. Professionals will be able to competently diagnose your mental disorders so you can receive the quality of care that will be beneficial and most likely to be successful. You can get over your addiction and build a new life without relying on the use of substances.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me San Bernardino County