If you’re abusing heroin on a regular basis, you may have become addicted without even knowing it. In this case, Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead is among the few institutions that can truly help you. With so many superficial and incomplete rehab treatments around, you need to make sure you make the right decision.

Our heroin treatment in Los Angeles County relies on three main concepts:

  1. Eliminating the withdrawal and interrupting the addictive behavior
  2. Prevent the relapse in the long run
  3. Help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and reintegrate in the society

Although having only three core goals might make the rehab treatment seem like a breeze, it’s clearly not. For this reason, we’ve created a comprehensive and detailed rehabilitation strategy that relies on:

Opioid-based medication

We use medication for detoxification and stabilization. Since you most definitely experience advanced withdrawal, a medication plan is in need to control the symptoms. Heroin addiction is brutal, and the symptoms of withdrawal can become quite vicious, depending on the patient and the level of dependence.

Our clinicians will investigate your status and build your clinical profile before defining the detox strategy. The purpose is to stabilize your behavior, cleanse the system of toxins, and restore your normal cognitive functioning. Depending on your condition, the duration of the detoxification process will vary accordingly. Call us, and one of our experts will explain more details about the program!

Behavioral counseling and advanced psychotherapies

All that medication does is to stabilize your behavior and rebalance your brain’s chemistry. But our heroin treatment in Los Angeles County doesn’t stop there. For the best results, we include behavioral counseling into the mix. Our psychotherapies combine some of the most effective procedures in the business to provide you with a fast and effective recovery. Here we have:

  • Family therapy sessions
  • Grief and Loss Counseling
  • Behavioral Therapies (ACT, DBT, CBT)
  • Group Therapy and Addiction Counseling, etc.

With the help of these programs, our strategy becomes transparent: help you stabilize both mentally and emotionally, and prepare you for a safe social reintegration. This is what defines us as some of the best in the field of substance rehab, and it’s what contributes to our ever-growing popularity every day.

Emotional recovery and education

The psychological status of an individual is a critical aspect to consider when it comes to heroin addiction. Since this opioid will cause a severe chemical imbalance at the brain level, your emotional compass will immediately go off the rails. We have seen this on many occasions – people who fail to function correctly in the society because their emotions manifest excessively and fluctuate too abruptly.

Our heroin treatment in Los Angeles County will correct this problem. We have a pool, a library, a movie theater, and a studio recording, where you can relax and balance your state of mind. If you want a challenge, you can also visit the gym or play indoor racquetball with other patients at the center.

At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, it’s all about you and your dreams. Forget about heroin; choose life instead!

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