If you’re abusing heroin on a regular basis, you’re already in deep trouble. At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, we have the best solution for you: a comprehensive and effective rehab strategy. Compared to a lot of other rehab providers, we don’t think that the rehabilitation process is easy. If it were simple and easy, everybody could do it, and that’s clearly not the case.

Our heroin treatment in San Bernardino County shows the extent of a truly professional and effective rehab treatment. The primary procedures and programs we’re using include:

Clinical detoxification – The detoxification process is paramount in the majority of the cases of heroin addiction. Opioids are difficult to combat without an adequately optimized detox plan. Our clinicians will build one for you, based on your clinical profile. It will go on for as long as necessary, and it will serve as the foundation of the rehab process.

Dual Diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment is another vital component of the rehab program. It helps us identify and treat co-occurring disorders that may worsen your condition and delay your recovery. Conditions like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or anxiety may affect you significantly in the long run. Our program will allow you to recover faster and avoid the relapse in the future.

Behavioral therapy – Most of the victims of drug addiction have obvious behavioral problems. Some show a tendency towards aggression; others are more apathetic or overtly emotionally unstable. Our behavioral therapies will correct these problems and stabilize your behavior in the long run. Some of them include CBT, DBT, ACT, art therapies, etc. For the full list, visit our website!

Spiritual awakening – The problem with opioids is that they cause emotional and spiritual numbness. Our heroin treatment in San Bernardino County will provide you with the perfect setting to correct that problem. We have a multitude of recreational activities you can indulge with, including swimming, meditation, gym workouts, sports, movie theater, art therapy, etc. All these activities will help you enjoy life a bit more and will cleanse your negative thoughts and emotions altogether.

Long-term recovery and relapse prevention – We believe that the rehabilitation process never stops. You will be fighting the tendency to relapse for the rest of your life. Any victim of drug or alcohol addiction will tell you the same thing. With us by your side, however, you will come out victorious. Our counselors will teach you responsibility, discipline, mental toughness, and determination. All the assets of a real winner; someone who’s fought heroin and came on top.

No matter how advanced your problems are, our heroin treatment in San Bernardino County is your way out. Heroin addiction is vicious, but not unbreakable. If you feel the need to talk to someone, we’re one phone call away. We’d love to hear your story and welcome you into our family!

Come to Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead and let’s begin the rehab treatment! You only have one life to enjoy; make the most of it!

Heroin Treatment San Bernardino County