My boyfriend and I have been through a lot together, but by far, the hardest thing was knowing I was losing him to addiction. 


We had always looked out for each other, but there was just this one thing that made our relationship feel impossible, his drive to use.


Every time he lied to me, I knew it. Every time he told me he was sorry, I knew he really wanted to mean it. But the same story happened time after time. He would use, he would cheat, and he would hurt me.


But I stayed by his side through all the pain and through all of the fights. I just knew there had to be a part of him left and I needed to help him find himself again.


We tried several recovery centers before we found one that worked, Serenity Lodge. Serenity is an all men’s facility which saved him from distraction. At first, I wondered how he would react, but he said it was the best thing he could have asked for. 


He felt like he could focus on the things that mattered and besides that, the other guys didn’t pick fights with each other or try to show off. It was just real at Serenity.


He could take a pause away from the chaos and the nature surroundings helped clear his mind. Not to mention, he felt like he was treated like a person by the staff. Other centers didn’t care. They didn’t respect him.


I really owe it to Serenity. They gave us our lives back and my boyfriend has been clean ever since.


Go ahead and give them a call. You’ll be surprised to see what you find.