So, you have finally realized that you're ready to seek professional help to deal with a bad habit. This is no reason to face an austere situation. In fact, luxury rehab in Los Angeles County can be as nice as a country club with extra amenities.

Our location in beautiful Lake Arrowhead puts us in the perfect position to offer confidential rehab to celebrities, sports stars, and persons associated with the Los Angeles entertainment industry. If you are a musician, don't worry that inpatient rehab will keep you from your creative endeavors. Many of our clients tell us how much they appreciate that we have an on-site recording studio and performance amphitheater.

Luxury rehab in Los Angeles County

Gone are the days when a stint in rehab meant giving up the niceties of life. At Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, our guests enjoy a range of out-of-the-ordinary amenities and activities, including sand volleyball, racquetball courts, a fully equipped fitness gyms, and first-class gourmet meals. If you prefer private lodging in a gorgeous alpine atmosphere, please inquire about our luxury rehab in Los Angeles County at your earliest convenience. Don't put it off too long, though. Drug and alcohol problems don't get better on their own. If you are serious about regaining control of your life and happiness, call us as soon as you can. The sooner you call, the sooner we can put together a personalized rehabilitation program that's just right for you.

The basics of rehab in LA County

People who are highly addicted may require medical detox before they can take full advantage of a luxury rehab center in Los Angeles. Inpatient detox may involve special medications that ease the patient through the most rigorous parts of the withdrawal process. Medical monitoring makes detox so much easier for our clients. Going through “cold turkey” alone is painful and generally ineffective.

Inpatient rehabilitation provides in-house therapies that help the patient come to grips with the original roots of their addiction. Those who present with more than one diagnosis may benefit from our co-current diagnosis programs. Emotional support and necessary medications may assist the client in dealing with their drug or alcohol problem in a supportive and respectful private environment.

Supportive housing involves residential therapy centers where people can reside between rehab and a full return to society. Sober homes may or may not be run by licensed therapists. Be sure to check before you commit to any residential halfway house.

Psychotherapy may be offered as part of an effective dual diagnosis treatment plan. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) provides people with dual diagnoses the tools necessary to contend with temptation once they check out from an inpatient treatment center.

Serenity Lodge employs a savvy staff of therapists, doctors and addiction counselors who gently guide inpatients back to a life of sobriety and wholeness. If you've tried to quit drinking or drugging and failed, please contact us today. Let's chat about your luxury rehab in Los Angeles County options.

Luxury Rehab Los Angeles County