When fighting with drug addiction and alcoholism, you need to have the best professionals by your side. We recommend against attempting self-detox strategies, as they rarely function as intended, and generally make things worse. At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, we have a better solution for you. Our take on the substance rehab system is unique, successful and highly popular among within the community.

We have some of the leading luxury treatment centers in Orange County, and we take pride in providing you with some of the best rehab programs. Here are the main reasons why you should call us right away:

Deep and personal understanding of your problems – We already know what you’re confronting with, as a victim of substance addiction, before even meeting you. That’s because the majority of our staff (counselors, physicians, therapists, clinical workers) follows some form of active recovery. We are no strangers to addiction and how it affects the body, the mind, and the victim’s emotions and relationships to the loved ones. The fact that we’ve walked in your shoes (and many of us still do) help us empathize with your situation in the highest degree.

A comprehensive approach – We are as far as possible from the golden-bullet-type of treatment that you may have encountered in other rehab institutions. We consider substance addiction to be an incredibly complex disorder. To counter its many side-effects, we have constructed an equally complex rehab strategy. We use a multitude of programs that deal with the physical and psychological symptoms just as much as they do with your emotions, behavior, and your life values.

Extensive relapse prevention strategy – Our luxury treatment centers in Orange County serve as the perfect setting for a fast and reliable recovery. But we’re also interested in your long-term wellbeing just as much. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides you with long-term support, as the rehab treatment goes on as you continue to remain socially active. The IOP, along with the multitude of psychotherapies, contributes to shaping your life and your whole future along with it.

Adding some fun into the mix – We have a multitude of recreational activities, meant to heal your spirit and help you relax and disconnect. If you think they are irrelevant in the bigger picture of substance rehab, you’re wrong. We use activities like meditation, swimming, gym workouts, or sports to stimulate the production of dopamine and reshape your perspective on the world. You need to learn how to enjoy life in the absence of narcotics, alcohol, or any other chemical stimulant.

If you can't escape the vicious circle of substance addiction, we urge you to contact us as fast as you can! Our luxury treatment centers in Orange County are your best chance of building a new future for you and your family.

Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead is more than just a rehab facility; it’s a place where people rediscover themselves and learn their real potential. Embrace sobriety and start enjoying life the way you’ve always wanted to!

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