Learning to Live: Coping Skills for Depression and Addiction

A big misconception about addiction recovery is that the substance of choice is the problem. While drugs and/or alcohol contribute to a person’s issues, there are usually underlying causes of depression that drive them to use. If physically quitting drugs or alcohol was all it took for the person to stay clean, relapse would never be an issue. Fortunately, learning more effective coping skills for depression can help a person deal with life’s curveballs.

Complexity to Learning Coping Skills for Depression and Addiction

Coping Skills for Depression and AddictionDepression is one of the main reasons a person turns to alcohol or drugs. The mental pain can run so deep that self-medication seems to be the only solution. Drinking or doing drugs may provide short-term relief. However, long-term substance abuse will only make the pre-existing condition worse.

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Depression can make a person feel alone and misunderstood. The great news is the same person can learn coping skills for depression without a chemical substance that perpetuates their condition.

Life-Changing Coping Skills for Depression and Addiction

For those struggling with addiction and depression, a one-dimensional rehabilitation facility won’t be able to help them overcome both issues. Care requires evidence-based therapies to handle the addiction and psychiatric problems. Such dual diagnosis programs help to address both issues and ignite lasting change.

Ideally, an integrated dual diagnosis treatment plan includes several goals. The right plan helps a person understand the nature of his or her depression. Coping involves learning that recovery is possible. Some people need the motivation to make major life changes to rid themselves of addictive behavior patterns.

During addiction treatment programs, individuals learn how to spot symptoms of depression. They receive practical skills for dealing with negative thoughts they once tried to suppress with alcohol. In some cases, dealing with depression is as simple as taking a walk.

Where to Get Help with Coping Skills for Depression and Addiction

Giving up alcohol leaves a void that needs healthy coping skills for recovery. Located in California, Serenity Lodge is a gender-responsive, spiritually oriented, drug rehab center that understands this complicated nature.

We welcome Clients struggling with depression and a chemical addiction. Our addiction therapy programs include dual diagnosis treatment to start our Clients on a road to recovery.

Serenity Lodge offers various forms of therapy and amenities such as:

  • Experiential Therapy
  • Music therapy with a professional recording studio
  • Fitness therapy
  • Nutritional prepared mealsal prepared mealsal therapy
  • Meditation therapy
  • Racquetball
  • Golf

Through these methods, our Clients begin to see hope for long-term recovery minus dependency on alcohol. Treatment targets underlying issues that caused depression and addiction.

You or your loved one deserve to live a productive life free from depression and alcohol. Get started down the path to recovery. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.

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