How did you feel when you woke up this morning? Did you wake refreshed, or were you hungover from yet another night of overdoing it? Was the first thought to cross your mind about drugs, whether you had some on hand, or where to go to get them? A drug habit can sneak up and have hold of you before you know it. That's why we offer private residential drug treatment in Los Angeles County.

Is it your fault you got addicted?

Maybe not. If you started experimenting with friends, and now you find yourself sick if you go more than a few hours without a dose, you may have made the mistake of fooling around with a very addictive chemical. Anyone who uses opiates in any form for more than a brief time may well become habituated. Doctors who prescribe OxyContin, morphine, MsContin or Vicodin, may be doing their patient a favor, but those strong painkillers also come with a sorrowful side-effect of addiction. If you were injured, and your physician prescribed opiate drugs to relieve your pain, you might have a habit that you never expected. We're here to tell you that your addiction is a medical condition that may be effectively treated at our facility for confidential residential drug treatment in Los Angeles County.

When you're ready to face your drug or drinking problem head-on and do something about it, devote a few weeks to residential drug treatment in Los Angeles County. We offer a private and confidential treatment facility in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, California. In addition to programs that will change your life, we provide a range of amenities that place us head and shoulders above the rest. Just because you're in rehab is no reason life has to be boring.

Here are just a sampling of the special amenities you'll find at our residential drug rehab in LA County:

  • Professional quality recording studio

  • First-class fitness gym with your favorite work-out machines

  • Amphitheater for performance

  • Basketball court and volleyball court

  • Lecture hall

  • Recreational activities such as ping pong, billiards, and racquetball

It's practically impossible to quit a drug habit without professional guidance. Serenity Lodge is not your everyday rehab facility. We aren't here to judge or berate anyone. We exist to offer private and confidential treatment that helps guests get to the root of their addiction. If you require medical assistance to help you through the rigors of withdrawal, don't worry. We can hook you up with the medical help you need to overcome a crippling drug or alcohol addiction.

If you spend too much time and money on drugs and drinking, we understand. Serenity Lodge employs therapists, doctors, and counselors who will gently guide you back to sobriety and wholeness. If you've tried to quit and failed, we understand that, too. It's very common to fail at one or more attempts to clean up before checking in for residential drug treatment in Los Angeles County. To know more, please call Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead at 866.379.4365.

Residential Drug Treatment Los Angeles County