If you’re suffering from drug addiction, the worst thing you can do is resort to a self-detox procedure. At Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead, we know that the rehabilitation process is not simple. You should leave it to the experts to handle it, since you can’t cover all the aspects of the procedure.

Our residential drug treatment programs in Orange County rank among the most popular and most effective in the business. Instead of limiting our approach to just a few rehab methods, we rely on a multitude of procedures. By combining the classical approaches with the latest, most innovative techniques, we’ve created a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab system. We use a multi-disciplinary system that brings together programs like:

12-Step Program – While some institutions use the 12-Step approach to deal with alcoholism alone, we apply it to all types of addictions. The strategy is complex, and it relies on faith, introspection, and harnessing the mental and the emotional prowess you need to overcome your problems. You will emerge out of it as a new, more powerful, and more determined individual.

Dual-Diagnosis Rehab – This program is designed to help you cope with your mental disorders. Many of the victims of drug addiction show signs of other mental issues as well. When left untreated, these problems may cause the patient to relapse when returning to society. The only way to prevent it is to identify and treat co-occurring disorders like depression, sleeping problems, bipolar disorder, paranoia etc.

Medical detoxification – The medical detox is one of the key residential drug treatment programs in Orange County. As a vital part of the process, it will help you escape withdrawal, control your cravings, and find the peace of mind that you’ve been looking for. The detoxification process will go on as much as necessary, making sure you won’t relapse over the years. Restoring your chemical balance at the brain level is vital in helping your recover and remain sober.

Expressive Arts Therapy – Restoring your chemical and your mental functioning is just the first stage of the rehab process. The next one involves reviving your spirit and teaching you how to start enjoying life again. Drugs may have taken that ability from you, but we’re here to restore it. At our center, we use expressive arts as a way of reigniting the flame of passion, love, and joy in people’s hearts.

Recreational activities – While we take care of the mind and the soul, we also take care of the body. We have a multitude of recreational activities that you’ll love like gym classes, indoor racquetball, swimming in the pool, etc. And if you want to relax, we always welcome you to our sauna, a meditation session, or our famous movie theater.

Our residential drug treatment programs in Orange County are your best chance of getting our life back. We know you might have become desperate by now, which is why we welcome you to Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead! Join our family, and drug addiction will become a distant, forgotten nightmare!

Residential Drug Treatment Programs Orange County