Group Sessions

While individual counseling allows Guests to get one-on-one help with a licensed therapist, group therapy is also highly beneficial. Addiction treatment group sessions allow men and women to share their experiences and concerns in a non-judgmental atmosphere amongst their peers, while family group counseling allows both Guests and their family members to strengthen relationships through communication and education.

Whether you opt for inpatient rehabilitation on our beautiful, 22-acre grounds or outpatient rehabilitation, you’ll be able to see how a group atmosphere benefits your recovery.

You’re Not Alone in Recovery

Camaraderie is the foundation of our group sessions. In this environment, you’ll be surrounded by individuals going through the same situation as you. Together, you’ll learn from each other’s experiences, potentially creating lifelong bonds and a stronger recovery network.

Group sessions also help you develop empathy. You’ll learn to support others as they share their trials and tribulations, and you’ll receive that support from your peers in return.

How Family Addiction Treatment Group Sessions Can Benefit Your Recovery

While addiction obviously affects you, it also impacts your family tremendously. If available, family support can have a positive impact on recovery. That’s why Serenity Lodge encourages family sessions in addition to individual and group therapy.

Family therapy addresses addiction in two ways. First, it focuses on family issues your addiction may have caused. Your addiction may have led to them having feelings of resentment. Family sessions foster a stronger, healthier relationship going forward.

Secondly, families may have unknowingly enabled your use during your active addiction. Maybe they provided financial support. Maybe they kept your addiction a secret out of embarrassment. Family group sessions can help family members overcome codependent behaviors and contribute to your recovery.

Even if you choose not to participate in family group sessions, we allow family visitation every Sunday. This way, your family can stay actively involved in your recovery and even chart your progress.

At Serenity Lodge, You Don’t Have to Go Through Addiction Alone

Whether you choose group sessions, family sessions, or both, Serenity Lodge will ensure that you don’t go through the recovery process alone. Group sessions help you build relationships with your peers, while family sessions help your family understand your addiction.

At Serenity Lodge, you can get comprehensive group and family sessions along with access to a vast array of amenities. To find out more information, call us today at 866.379.4365.