Heroin Treatment

Residential Heroin Treatment

Heroin treatment uses therapy, support groups, education, and medication in order to help you overcome heroin addiction. This treatment can take place in inpatient or outpatient settings. Because heroin recovery can be difficult, you’ll need professional guidance from the time you decide to seek recovery until you transition into full-on independence.

Residential Heroin Treatment Gives You the Best Chance of Lasting Recovery

In early heroin treatment and recovery, you risk relapse. This is why it’s best to undergo heroin treatment in a residential program. Residential rehab provides complete focus on your individual needs 24 hours per day and seven days per week. No other rehabilitation setting offers a greater chance of lasting recovery from heroin or a safer environment for heroin withdrawal treatment and relapse prevention.

While you’re at home, temptation and triggers are all around you. You know where your dealers are and which streets offer the best chance of scoring your fix. A residential rehab experience takes you far away from negative influences. The clean environment and supportive people in rehab share a united goal of freedom from heroin.

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Your peers in rehab offer immediate—and potentially lifelong—support. You get to know them better in daily living and group therapies. You all progress in treatment and see yourself in each others’ behaviors. Many people are surprised of the important relationships they build in residential rehab.

Therapy Helps You Understand Your Addiction and Beat It

Whether you’re in a residential or intensive outpatient heroin program, addiction therapy is a vital component of rehab. During therapy, you talk to a qualified professional and learn why you started abusing substances in the first place. You also learn how to stop using them and avoid relapse.

Individual therapy is confidential. These sessions include just you and your therapist in a quiet room. Your therapist guides you, coaches you, and helps you gain insight about yourself and your addiction. During individual counseling, you can dig deeper into trauma or past events that shaped your substance abuse. Addressing these issues during counseling makes it possible to overcome those obstacles.

Group therapy includes your peers in recovery. Led by qualified therapists, these sessions give you a sense of belonging, help you rebuild your relationship skills, and gain self-confidence. Your peers provide feedback, helping you see yourself through others’ eyes.

All therapies involve sharing your thoughts and feelings. This puts an end to your isolation, something people using heroin lean on. You also build communication skills you need for better family, work, and friend relationships.

Amenities Build Coping Skills

Therapy isn’t the only way for you to learn and grow in heroin treatment. Rehab amenities are important, too. At first, amenities seem like benefits to enjoy. However, their main purpose is to help you explore your horizons and gain important coping skills.

A good example of this is physical fitness equipment. Physical activity and exercise help you heal the damage heroin caused in your body. Exercise also provides a new way for you to work off anxiety, get through difficult times, and prevent stress from building up.

After addiction treatment, exercising in your home community helps you build new relationships centered on wellness, not drugs or alcohol. Additionally, it provides an outlet to work off stress. You’ll thrive on the mental boost it provides. Being connected to your body helps you want to keep it safe, healthy, and drug-free.

Heroin Rehab in Southern California

In Southern California, Serenity Lodge offers male residential and intensive outpatient programs for heroin recovery. In addition to individual counseling, group therapy, and family involvement, we also provide an amenity-rich environment where you can focus on your recovery while also engaging in enjoyable activities.

Our amenities include:

  • Fitness therapy in a 1,500 square ft. gym
  • Movie theater
  • Professional recording studio
  • Meditation therapies
  • 12-person sauna and pool
  • Racquetball and golf

At Serenity Lodge, our professionals help you work past your heroin addiction for a new, better life. You deserve freedom from life’s distractions and stresses for your best chance of lasting recovery. Serenity Lodge provides this drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a serene, relaxing environment with men just like you.

If you or a man you love is ready for lasting heroin recovery, call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045.