Patient with doctor at dual diagnosis treatment center in Lake ArrowheadSometimes just treating your addiction isn’t enough. Maybe you suffer from depression or anxiety, or perhaps you have post-traumatic stress disorder. Whatever the case, we may need to address an underlying mental illness along with your addiction for a more comprehensive recovery. That’s why a dual diagnosis treatment center is important.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dealing with an addiction is difficult enough. However, when you add a co-occurring mental health disorder—otherwise known as a dual diagnosis—to the mix, it can create a roadblock to recovery. Treating one issue without addressing the other could lead to complications down the road. In fact, it often leads to relapse.

At Serenity Lodge, we use dual diagnosis treatment to help Guests overcome substance use disorder and emotional and/or psychiatric illness. Clients treated for dual diagnosis receive:

  • Medication management to responsibly treat co-occurring disorders
  • Mood stabilization treatment
  • Relapse prevention techniques to combat their addiction
  • Coping skills education for managing both their mental health disorder and addiction
  • Family counseling to educate family members about dual diagnosis

What to Expect at a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

For those struggling with troubling co-occurring disorders on top of addiction, we recommend that individuals begin treatment at the residential inpatient level. Residential treatment provides 24/7 structure and comprehensive care to help Guests regain stability and strive toward lasting independence. During their stay on our grounds, Guests can take advantage of transformative addiction treatment therapy in California approaches and holistic recovery options designed to treat the whole person at our dual diagnosis treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California.

While on our grounds, Guests will have access to an array of amenities, including:

  • Gym
  • Movie Theatre
  • Professional Recording Studio
  • Meditation Pyramid
  • 12-Person Sauna
  • Massage Room
  • Indoor Raquetball
  • Golf
  • Pool

Once individuals complete residential treatment, Serenity Lodge offers California outpatient drug rehab options that allow individuals to receive ongoing care. Instead of living at the facility, clients have the opportunity to return home and begin transitioning back into society.

While intensive outpatient program (IOP) and California partial hospitalization program can serve as starting points to recovery, we generally recommend that individuals who struggle with co-occurring disorders begin treatment at the residential level. However, we realize that no two individuals take the same path to recovery. Upon admission, a comprehensive intake assessment will help our professionals develop the best plan for sustainable success.

Additional Avenues for Recovery Support

Even after attending the dual diagnosis treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California, it’s important to remember that addiction recovery is an ongoing process that requires maintenance along the way. For this reason, we offer individuals numerous resources that allow them to stay grounded in sobriety.

After completing treatment, Guests can still attend on-site AA or NA meetings. Our 12-Step programs and group therapy program in California helps Guests vocalize their issues amongst their peers while simultaneously building lifelong relationships.

All Guests whole graduate from our California addiction treatment programs will also be invited to join our growing Alumni Program. This program gives former Guests the opportunity to connect with peers in recovery. Additionally, individuals will be able to maintain a positive relationship with our therapists, counselors, and other staff members.

To find out if our dual diagnosis treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California is right for you, call Serenity Lodge today at 866.379.4365.