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Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment is a valuable form of care for people facing addiction recovery. At Serenity Lodge, we tailor each program to your specific needs to ensure the most successful recovery.

With severe and long-term symptoms of mental health problems, you more than likely need to enter a facility. A residential inpatient program will give you the highest level of care and 24/7 medical supervision.

Mental Health Treatment At Serenity Lodge

We offer a diverse group of programs for our clients at Serenity Lodge. In this case, we’ll work with you to develop the best strategy and plan for your treatment.

You may require full-time care or need the flexibility to maintain your life at home. Either way, we’ll guide you on the right path to recovery. Our addiction treatment programs include:

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If you are struggling with multiple disorders, our dual diagnosis program could be the perfect fit. We’ll also address any substance abuse problems during your mental health treatment.

Therapy Options

Mental illness can bring about emotions you’ve never felt before. It’s important to recognize these feelings and gain understanding throughout the process.

With our therapeutic options, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your issues and gain vital experience from others. We believe in both evidence-based approaches and holistic methods to behavioral treatment.

Our Experiential Therapy will help you relieve stress while promoting safe and healthy expression. This includes drum circles and time in our recording studio to “jam out” with others or record a song. Further therapeutical options vary from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to relapse prevention and counseling.

Recovery Is A Process

Each and every person has a different experience with mental illness. As a result, each program we offer will correlate with your specific situation.

The recovery process can be overwhelming and scary. However, we have the training and experience to lead you through treatment with confidence.

We’ll assess any special conditions you may have and address them with a unique treatment plan. Throughout the process, our team at Serenity Lodge will strive to provide you with encouragement, comfort, and peace of mind.

Overcome Mental Illness At Serenity Lodge

Are your mental health problems keeping you from growing in your personal and professional life? Are you ready to overcome the challenges of mental illness?

If so, join us at Serenity Lodge to begin your journey in recovery! Contact us today at (855) 932-4045 for more information about our proven addiction therapy options.