woman with closed eyes thinking about coping skills

Coping Skills

Substance addiction is a deep, complex problem that evolves out of a number of factors, including environment, relationships, daily stressors, genetics, and trauma. One common reason people turn to substances is that they don’t have the adequate coping skills to manage their situation. Drugs serve as an unhealthy coping mechanism that people use to relieve…

deadeyed grungy woman holding a heroin needle suffering from teen drug abuse

Teen Drug Abuse

Drug use, abuse, and addiction can affect all age groups. However, male teens may be at greater risk because of hormonal changes, life changes, susceptibility to peer pressure, and experimentation. Learn how to spot the signs of teen drug abuse. Knowing how to identify a teen drug problem means you can get the teen help…

desperate person in hoodie covering face with hands, types of addiction

Types of Addiction

When discussing the various types of addiction, most people immediately make a mental list of drugs. Examples might include cocaine and heroin. Keep in mind, however, that the substance abuse is just a symptom of other underlying problems. For more on how substance addictions affect Americans, check out the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use…

two people hugging it out in a therapy group at addiction treatment centers

Addiction Treatment Centers

There are the addiction treatment centers that try to cater to everyone. Then, there are those that specialize in serving a particular demographic. As a man, how do you differentiate one set of facilities from the other? More importantly, how can doing so help you in your recovery? Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Centers vs. General Facilities…