drug recovery

Mission, Vision, & Philosophy


To bring recovery to Men suffering from substance abuse and addiction.


Through compassion and understanding, we counsel and inspire individuals to dream of a better tomorrow.  Employing our personal experiences, expertise, and the lessons garnered from the Twelve Step Program, we work diligently to provide a safe and healthy environment for those seeking to rebuild their lives.  Committed to our core principles of integrity, discipline and passion, we are dedicated to helping our clients overcome their addictive behaviors.

Addiction Treatment Philosophy

Serenity Lodge has dedicated itself to helping our clients, their families and loved ones recover from the negative impact alcoholism and drug addiction have had on their lives.  Our approach and treatment protocols are designed to break through to the core issues that drive an individual’s negative, destructive, and co-dependent behaviors.  By providing an environment based upon mutual respect, integrity, and personal responsibility, Serenity Lodge’s program is intended to return clients to a state of dignity and help them achieve a passion and zeal for a new way of life.

More about Serenity Lodge

Located on serene 22 acres of land on Lake Arrowhead, Serenity Lodge provides a sanctuary for those looking to escape from the grips of addiction. Our methods for addiction recovery include:

  • Individual counseling grounded in proven psychotherapy approaches
  • Group sessions involving peers to help clients work through underlying emotional issues that contribute to substance abuse
  • Aftercare support to help transition back into contributing members of society
  • Alumni support that allows individuals to remain connected with our growing recovery community

Individualized Addiction Treatment

Whether you’re just taking the first steps to recovery or you’ve been sober for years, we’ve designed our addiction treatment philosophy to meet you where you are on your sobriety journey. Our professionals, many of whom are in recovery themselves, pride themselves on delivering therapeutic processes that address the whole person—not just the addiction.

Your path to recovery is waiting
and we’re here to help.

Our admissions specialist are available 24/7 to listen to your story
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