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Group Therapy Program

Group therapy is a staple in the best addiction recovery programs. This type of therapy is helpful because it’s designed to bring people struggling with the same issues together. Group counseling fosters understanding and support for each other as they work through common problems.

Why Group Therapy Is Helpful Toward Sobriety

Group therapy is clearly helpful for people going through addiction recovery. But many people don’t understand just how helpful this type of therapy can be for them.

Addiction treatment group sessions bring people suffering the same problems together. When therapy begins, most members have suffered lost relationships or damaged their relationships so much that they will require work for repair. This trail of broken relationships leaves individuals in recovery feeling alone and unsupported.

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In group therapy, people in similar situations engage with each other and form strong bonds. Your group sessions will give you some of the closest, most honest relationships you will ever experience. Group members support each other, discuss problems openly, hold each other accountable, and help each other get through hard times. You may hesitate to go into group therapy at first, but you’ll soon see it as the most welcoming place you’ve ever been.

Group sessions are usually set up with seating in a circle. This allows everyone in the group to make eye contact with each other. When one person is speaking, everyone can hear that person clearly and see their body language. This provides greater authenticity, understanding, as well as productivity among members.

During group therapy, participants gain a great deal of insight into themselves by working through problems. They also learn about themselves from others in the group. Watching others can be like holding a mirror up to yourself.

In this type of therapy, you also gain self-confidence, relationship development skills, and the ability to clearly consider others’ criticism. With a boost in self-esteem, you’ll then have the confidence to build or strengthen relationships outside of your program.

How to Make Group Therapy Work for You

Group therapy at Serenity Lodge will give you an understanding that personal investment is important. You have to participate and engage with others under the counselor’s guidance to gain the greatest benefit. By participating, you also help influence other members to do the same.

For example, other ways you can ensure you get the most out of your Serenity Lodge group sessions include:

  • Listening to others and share your story
  • Gently accepting and offering input with an open mind
  • Contributing ideas to open discussions
  • Asking questions and encouraging others
  • Sharing your failures and successes with equal honesty
  • Remembering that accountability is important for recovery
  • Being on time and coming back to group if you miss a session

Group Is One Part of Your Sobriety Journey

At Serenity Lodge in California, group sessions are only one part of rehabilitative treatment. In fact, there are multiple forms of addiction therapy provided for you as well as our other clients working to recover from drugs or alcohol. For example, these therapy types include:

You or your loved one deserves healthy recovery, and we can help you get there. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 for more information and to learn about our available amenities.