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Addiction Treatment Aftercare and Sober Living

Going through inpatient rehabilitation or getting outpatient treatment is vital to your addiction recovery, but then what happens after you finish? Without Serenity Lodge aftercare and regular maintenance, you could find yourself back in the cycle of addiction. 

A Johns Hopkins study estimated that 65–80% of all individuals relapse after undergoing a detox program within a month. However, those who continue with a comprehensive treatment program are ten times more likely to stay sober. In fact, a major part of that comprehensive treatment program is quality aftercare.

Formal Serenity Lodge Aftercare

Serenity Lodge partners with several IOPs, sober-living facilities, and therapists to ensure that our clients achieve long-term sobriety. For example, our formal aftercare programs may include:

  • Psychotherapy and Recovery Groups
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Step-Down Residential Care
  • Residence in a Sober Living Home

Read our Blog on “How to Separate Formal Aftercare and Informal Aftercare” for more information

Sober Living

Sober living homes allow Men in active recovery to live in a temptation-free environment while they prepare to return to society. To ensure that residents are staying on a positive path, most sober living homes require urinalysis testing to make sure you remain substance-free following treatment.

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Studies show that sober living facilities have a positive effect on lasting sobriety. Without temptations present, the chance of relapse is also minimized.

Upon finishing treatment at Serenity Lodge, we can refer Clients to a quality sober living facility.

Informal Serenity Lodge Aftercare

We also encourage self-accountability, including developing personal strategies to avoid relapse. For example, some of these strategies might include:

  • Mapping out prevention measures
  • Dealing with temptation
  • Attending a consistent recovery group
  • Evaluating decisions
  • Creating a more balanced life

How Our Alumni Program Keeps Individuals Grounded in Sobriety

Upon finishing addiction treatment at Serenity Lodge, we invite all graduates to participate in our growing Alumni Program. We’ve found that alumni support is an underrated part of the recovery process. In fact, staying connected with our facility along with peers in recovery has inspired many of our former Clients to continue down the right path.

Aftercare and Sober Living Programs Increase Your Chance of Sustainable Recovery

While inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient programs lay the foundation for a quality post-treatment life, aftercare programs make sure you’re firmly on the road to recovery. Also, it’s important to think of recovery as a journey and not a destination. With constant self-maintenance and a quality aftercare, long-term recovery is possible.

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