Addiction Counseling Program

Substance abuse and behavioral disorders can hamper your ability to grow personally and professionally. Fortunately, effective addiction counseling gives clients the resources they need to regain control of their lives. At Serenity Lodge, we’ll help you develop beneficial coping skills through education, therapy, as well as experiential activities. Clients can find our supportive residential treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California. Recovery is a journey and helping you find the right path is vital to your life-long sobriety.

Addiction Counseling

The majority of our counselors have dealt with addiction in their own lives. During this difficult time in early recovery, we’ll help you develop coping strategies through a variety of methods. Open up in addiction counseling at Lake Arrowhead, California.

By opening up about your addiction, you’ll gain more self-awareness and learn how to move forward on the road to recovery. Our private, 22-acre facility is a safe environment that promotes a sustainable recovery for our clients.

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As part of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, you will also learn to cope with unfortunate situations without the pressures and urges of substance abuse. Support and experience present the best opportunities for a successful recovery, and our team will give you the comfort and expertise you need.

Addiction Therapy

Serenity Lodge believes in an all-around approach to recovery. As a result, we offer numerous California drug and alcohol rehab therapy options for our clients. These addiction counseling therapies include:

These therapeutic options include various tools to help create a personalized treatment plan for you. Diagnosis and treatment is unique for each and every guest, which is also why we develop individualized treatment plans to aid in your recovery.

Benefits of Addiction Counseling

During addiction counseling, not only will you learn to cope with triggers and cravings, but you’ll also develop a brand new perspective about your addiction.

Counseling gives you the opportunity to discuss your feelings and addiction without any judgment. During the process, our medical professionals may also bring to light psychological disorders you have and didn’t know about. As you grow in recovery during your time at Serenity Lodge, you’ll discover how to heal relationships, learn from peers in recovery, and also gain the confidence you needed to maintain your sobriety.

Steps Forward At Serenity Lodge

Are you searching for addiction help in California? Look no further than Serenity Lodge’s addiction counseling in Lake Arrowhead, California. Our clinical staff has the training as well as first-hand experience to guide you on the correct path to a successful recovery.

Furthermore, we take pride in creating a peaceful and motivational atmosphere for our clients. You’ll never face your addiction alone at Serenity Lodge.

The first step to a safe, healthy, and sober life is seeking help. For more information about our substance abuse treatment programs in California, call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045.