Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you’re struggling with substance abuse issues, the first step is acknowledging the problem. The fact that you’re here searching for a solution is a step in the right direction. While there’s no shortage of drug and alcohol addiction treatment options in California or across the country, it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. When it comes to recovery, Serenity Lodge takes a unique, gender-responsive approach to help you achieve sobriety.

Why Gender-Specific Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Important

One problem with many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers is that they use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recovery. Unfortunately, not only is it a flawed approach universally, but it can be especially problematic for Men.

On top of addiction, men struggle with a number of unique issues. Whether it’s living up to societal expectations, providing for their families or other male-specific concerns, it helps to be in an environment surrounded by professionals and peers who understand what you’re going through.

About Our Treatment Programs

Clients who attend Serenity Lodge can take advantage of multiple levels of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We take an individualized approach to addressing your substance abuse treatment needs in order to help you achieve sobriety.

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Our life-changing treatment programs include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Detoxification: Depending on the length or severity of the addiction a medically supervised detox will be recommended. Client can take advantage of our onsite detox program so they can easily transition to our residential inpatient program.
  • Residential inpatient: Clients can take advantage of evidence-based therapies and recovery-enhancing amenities as they stay on our safe, serene grounds 24/7.
  • 12-step program: Serenity Lodge believes that the 12 steps are tremendously beneficial in helping clients achieve sobriety. We offer several support group meetings on and off campus every week.

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