Men Bonding During Our Mens Drug Rehab ProgramMillions of men living in the United States suffer from some type of substance abuse problem. If you, too, are fighting this war, you should know that professional rehab can help. You don’t have to continue to let addiction rule your life, relationships, and daily activities. Addiction treatment programs at Serenity Lodge in California can arm you with everything that you need to maintain lifelong sobriety. Our mens drug rehab center has helped thousands of individuals just like you. We can show you how to take control over your life once again.

What Makes Our Mens Drug Rehab Facility Special?

With so many rehab options readily available, you might feel overwhelmed by your search for the best center. What makes one rehab center better than another? To begin with, it isn’t necessarily about being better. The key to a successful recovery is finding a center that can meet your specific addiction treatment needs.

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Personalized Approach to Treatment

Rather than taking a generalized approach, Serenity Lodge offers our Clients truly personalized drug rehab experiences. Our staff members, many of who are in active recovery themselves, work with you to learn about your addiction history. In order for you to fully recover, your treatment must be able to identify and address your specific needs. Without individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you’re wasting your time and effort on a less-than-excellent program that’s incapable of delivering lasting results.

Before we administer any treatment, we conduct a full analysis and collect pertinent information regarding your history with addiction. Once this examination is complete, we’ll be able to design a program specifically for you.

Detox in a Medical Setting

Detox is a crucial part of most people’s rehab experience. During this phase of recovery, the body rids itself of harmful toxins. Withdrawal can cause many unsettling symptoms, which is why medical experts never recommend self-detox. The safest and most effective way to get through this part of recovery is to seek a medically managed detox program. In this setting, specialists will be on hand at all times to handle any possible complications and help ease the burden of withdrawal.

While we currently don’t perform detox on-site at our facility, Serenity Lodge provides referrals to our partner’s facility, where you’ll be under the watchful eyes of experienced medical professionals.

Recover in a Comfortable and Private Setting

In order for rehab to be a success, individuals need to feel at ease. Our mens drug rehab takes place on 22 acres of beautiful, secluded land. This setting gives our Clients privacy away from the noise of the real world so that they can focus on their recovery without distractions.

While staying at our peaceful facility, Clients can also enjoy a host of luxurious amenities, including:

  • On-site recording studio
  • 12 person sauna
  • 1500 square ft. gym
  • Movie theatre
  • Pool
  • Racquetball and golf

Quality Treatment is Available in California

If you’re a man tired of floundering with your addiction, Serenity Lodge in California can help. Our mens drug rehab facility helps struggling individuals stop abusing both drugs and alcohol. No matter how long you’ve been abusing, our comprehensive addiction treatment programs and compassionate staff members can change your life.

We offer:

Follow the Road to Recovery

Don’t let your addiction problem ruin your relationships, career, or financial security. You can take steps to change your life. Serenity Lodge in California has the treatment tools and programs necessary to safely overcome addiction, for good. In order to get started on your unique transition towards lifelong sobriety, call our office at (855) 932-4045.