Sometimes just treating your addiction isn’t enough. Maybe you suffer from depression or anxiety, or perhaps you have post traumatic stress disorder. Whatever the case, we may need to address an underlying mental illness along with your addiction for a more comprehensive recovery. That’s why dual diagnosis treatment is important.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

At Serenity Lodge, we treat Guests suffering from a combination of substance abuse and emotional and/or psychiatric illness. Men and women treated for dual diagnosis receive:

  • Medication management to treat co-occurring disorders
  • Mood stabilization treatment
  • Relapse prevention techniques to combat their addiction
  • Coping skills education for managing both their mental health disorder and addiction
  • Family counseling to educate them about dual diagnosis

We also find it helpful for men and women in treatment to attend on-site AA or NA meetings. Our 12-Step programs help Guests vocalize their issues amongst their peers while simultaneously building lifelong relationships.

Our beautiful 22-acre, 48-bed facility in Lake Arrowhead is the perfect environment for a peaceful, successful recovery. All men and women will have their own private room, with single cottages also available. You’ll also have access to a myriad of amenities, including:

  • Gym
  • Movie Theatre
  • Professional Recording Studio
  • Meditation Pyramid
  • 12-Person Sauna
  • Massage Room
  • Indoor Raquetball
  • Golf
  • Pool

To find out if dual diagnosis treatment is right for you, call Serenity Lodge today at 866.379.4365