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Depression Treatment Program

Depression can have a significant impact on your physical, social, and mental well-being. When paired with addiction, it can be even more devastating. Fortunately, Serenity Lodge in California offers comprehensive depression treatment as part of our addiction treatment programs to help you recover from both conditions.

Types of Depression Treatment

When it comes to addiction and depression treatment at Serenity Lodge, we’ve found psychotherapy to be extremely beneficial to our male clients. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in particular, helps clients immensely.

CBT focuses on your state of mind and how that relates to your patterns of thought. However, depression is not a sign of weakness or mental frailty. It’s an illness that requires professional treatment.

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The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is for clients to recognize, evaluate, and eliminate negative patterns of thought. To do so, you must replace these thoughts with healthier, more positive feelings.

Understanding Depression Symptoms

Depression is easily overlooked and regularly disregarded. Consequently, it’s become more and more difficult for family and friends to recognize symptoms that require professional help.

From a loss of interest to anger and irritability, the list of symptoms is ever growing. Depression affects everyone in different ways, but common symptoms include:

  • Extensive sadness and/or guilt
  • Feelings of emptiness, helplessness, worthlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating, fatigue
  • Changes in appetite and sleep patterns
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

As you can see, depression symptoms range from common moodiness to life-threatening thoughts.

What Causes Depression?

Depression isn’t simple, and its causes include a mix of genetics and biological, psychological, environmental, and social factors. Substance or alcohol abuse can play a huge role as well.

Alcohol and depression don’t work well together. Binge drinking can worsen your symptoms or be the spark that causes them in the first place. If you’re facing substance or alcohol problems, addiction therapy can help you tackle your addiction.

Do you have a history of people in your family with chronic diseases, such as cancer? If so, you’re at a higher risk for depression. Major life changes are also known to be a common trigger. Nonetheless, depression can come about without any obvious external issues or concerns.

Depression Treatment At Serenity Lodge

Overcoming depression is difficult and overwhelming for many people. As a guest at Serenity Lodge, we’ll provide you with a comforting and peaceful setting to address your issues.

Don’t allow negative thoughts into your life any longer. Contact Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 for more information about our depression treatment programs.