Man enjoying Expressive Arts Therapy in Lake Arrowhead, California 

While Serenity Lodge uses many evidence-based approaches, we also believe strongly in holistic methods. Our Expressive Arts Therapy promotes healthy expression, allowing our Guests to relieve stress as well as develop beneficial coping skills.

Here are just a few ways our Expressive Arts Therapy in Lake Arrowhead, California, contributes to the addiction recovery process:

Drum Circle

The drum circle is a counselor-led physical exercise designed to enhance listening, communication, confidence, respect, teamwork, creativity, as well as learning skills. We use the drum circle to promote togetherness and community, which ultimately results in better camaraderie, social inclusion, and playfulness.

Sing Along

Our sing-along activity is also an extremely popular expressive arts therapy amongst Guests. With several accomplished music artists and a professional pianist on staff, we play seasonal, popular and traditional music, encouraging Guest participation. Based on the attitude of the Serenity Lodge population, this a very popular activity with all the benefits mentioned in the Drum Circle activity.

Recording Studio

For Guests with musical experience— or even a desire to play music—we have an experienced staff to support “jamming” with others, which could include recording songs and music in our professional recording booth.

Of course, expressive Art Therapy is just a small part of what we offer on our beautiful, amenity-rich 22-acre grounds in Lake Arrowhead. We provide a full range of addiction treatment services to guests no matter the severity of our substance abuse. When you decide to enter treatment your attitude is vital. It is important that you are in a state of mind that allows for transformation. Therefore, we offer expressive arts therapy so we can help achieve this. It keeps our clients relaxed and in a state of mind amenable to our therapies. We welcome you to visit our center or give us a call to learn more about our treatment options. For more information on Serenity Lodge can help you recover, call 866.379.4365.