Man who plans to attend an Opioid Addiction Treatment CenterOpioids are synthesized drugs similar in chemical structure to heroin, morphine, and opium. Name-brand prescription drugs like Vicodin and OxyContin are common examples. When used as prescribed, they can be helpful in minimizing pain. Unfortunately, opioid addiction has become more widespread over the years.

Of the 20.5 million Americans diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder in 2015, two million of those individuals struggled with prescription pain relievers. If you believe someone you love is struggling, here are some signs to look out for.

The Most Common Signs Of Opioid Addiction

Individuals who abuse opioids often exhibit drowsiness, anxiety, or mood swings. If you’ve noticed that someone close to you has begun behaving erratically, opioids may be the cause. Even at the earliest stages of abuse, opiates may cause reduced social interaction and constipation. Slowed breathing, movement, and reactions are also signs of opioid addiction.

In fact, people may exhibit signs even when they’re not even high. Some of these symptoms may include nausea or constant itchiness. Individuals who abuse opioids may leave short straws or rolled-up dollar bills around. Small mirrors, pipes, or syringes can also be signs of opioid abuse.

Opioid Addiction Causes Behavioral and Lifestyle Changes

Some people show obvious signs of opioid abuse by talking about partying or drinking more than before. They may appear jittery or overly secretive as well, with physical appearance and grooming often deteriorating. Before long, patterned opioid abuse can lead to individuals neglecting school and work responsibilities. Angry outbursts and changes in overall attitude are also common.

Without addressing an opioid addiction, lives can spiral out of control quickly. Individuals may start spending significant money toward their habit. In fact, many of them resort to selling drugs to afford some of their own. Individuals suffering from addiction often become so preoccupied with obtaining drugs that they fall out of touch with family and friends. Sometimes, a whole new set of toxic friends will move into their lives. Some men and women even resort to illegal acts to satisfy their addiction.

Professional Opioid Addiction Treatment Program in Lake Arrowhead, California

Reaching out for professional addiction help is the first step to change. If you’re a man struggling with opioids or other addictions, drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Serenity Lodge is the safest way to pursue sobriety.

Long-term opioid abuse may lead to a physical dependence. When men and women quit using, they’ll inevitably experience opioid withdrawal symptoms. During withdrawal, dependence will often lead to unstoppable drug-seeking behavior without the aid of professionals. We partner with a local detox facility to address your physical dependence before transitioning you into comprehensive drug rehab.

Our accredited, male-only facility is committed to ensuring men and women get the help they deserve. Our counselors, physicians, and therapists treat all Guests as individuals. We use customized treatment programs to help men and women overcome addiction and embrace sobriety. We also offer various amenities to supplement your treatment include:

  • A movie theater
  • A 12 person sauna
  • Massage therapy
  • A racquetball court
  • Nutrition therapy

Don’t let your opioid addiction continue to control your life. Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or a loved one, call Serenity Lodge today at 866-379-4365 today. There’s no better time to begin working toward a healthier, happier future.