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Serenity Lodge Methods of Addiction Therapy

Our methods

At Serenity Lodge, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment programs, allowing for long-term, sustainable sobriety once clients leave our 22-acre grounds. Learn how our methods set the foundation for an enriching life in recovery.

Serenity Lodge Methods of Addiction Therapy

At Serenity Lodge, our therapists and counselors—many of whom are in active recovery—have helped numerous people achieve sobriety. Our methods are grounded in proven addiction therapy approaches that help individuals experience growth.

For example, we offer:

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  • Psychotherapy approaches during individual counseling that helps clients discover the reasons behind their drug or alcohol use
  • Group therapy that encourages peers in recovery to share and solve problems
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for those struggling with addiction and debilitating co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Family support program that re-establishes communication and trust between families and their loved ones
  • Comprehensive addiction education that teaches individuals and their loved ones about the powerful disease

Our Serenity Lodge Methods Rely on 12-Step Principles

As a staple of NA and AA, we also design many of our principles around the 12-step program. Using the 12 steps as a guide, Men can navigate their recovery and chart their progress.

Additionally, we offer several on-site 12-step meetings at Serenity Lodge every week. Whether you’re in early recovery or you’ve been sober for years, we use these meetings as resources to help you stay on the right path.

About Our Addiction Treatment Programs

At Serenity Lodge, our continuum of care meets the needs of anyone who is ready to leave addiction in the past. We believe that there’s more than one path to recovery, which is why we offer multiple levels of care.

For example, Serenity Lodge provides:

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