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Alumni Support

You may go into treatment for the sole intent of getting sober. In reality, recovery is much more than that. At Serenity Lodge, we truly believe that recovery is a journey and not a destination. Just because your treatment is over doesn’t mean your journey should end, especially not with the rest of your life ahead of you. After successfully completing treatment at Serenity Lodge, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of our Serenity Lodge alumni support program.

What Serenity Lodge Alumni Support Means

Our alumni support keeps you connected to Serenity Lodge’s large network of former Clients. This allows you to continually fine-tune skills and tools acquired during treatment to keep you sober. Using your peers as resources also allows you to refine relapse prevention techniques, minimizing your potential to revert back to using.

Our alumni can also take advantage of Serenity Lodge-specific recovery groups. Not only is it a great way to maintain sobriety, but it also strengthens relationships with your peers. Going through long-lasting recovery can be tough, but having a strong network eases the process.

Once You Leave, Our Doors Stay Open

Even after finishing treatment at Serenity Lodge, Clients are more than welcome to reconnect with therapists and counselors. We’re always happy to hear about your recovery progress and how you’ve adjusted to a life without substances. In fact, we even offer workshops, educational classes and further treatment when needed.

Your path to recovery is waiting
and we’re here to help.

Our admissions specialist are available 24/7 to listen to your story
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Why call us?

If you’re a Serenity Lodge alumni needing information, or you’re someone with a desire to go through effective, gender-responsive treatment on our beautiful 22-acre campus with 48 available private beds, call us today at (855) 932-4045. –