therapist taking notes while man talks on couch in men's rehab program

Rehab Program

Gender-Responsive Program

For men stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction, recovery often seems hopeless. Fortunately, compassionate help is available at Serenity Lodge Lake Arrowhead. Learn how our men’s rehab program helps Clients on their journeys to sobriety.

Why Gender-Responsive Is More Effective

Many addiction treatment programs fail to take gender needs into account. Although they may use evidence-based approaches, they often mix male and female participants together in treatment. In many ways, these types of rehab centers can stunt Clients’ growth. However, the addiction treatment programs in Lake Arrowhead, California offer a solution.

The differences, to begin with, men generally have different needs in recovery than women. For instance, many women who seek addiction treatment have underlying issues related to physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Conversely, men more frequently deal with inadequacy issues because society places intense pressure on them to be breadwinners.

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Additionally, a co-ed treatment environment can promote unintentional distractions. Men can be vulnerable during the early stages of recovery. Instead of reaching for the bottle to cope with this difficult time, they may turn to companionship. While support during early recovery is important, newfound intimacy can cause individuals to lose focus on their recovery.

A gender-responsive men’s rehab program in Lake Arrowhead, California takes these concerns into account. Although we accept only male Clients into our program, they will be isolated from each other during residential inpatient treatment while receiving the individualized attention they deserve. Under 24/7 supervision and away from their toxic home environments, Clients can truly focus on themselves.

Addiction Therapies that Stick

During our men’s rehab program in Lake Arrowhead, California, proven addiction treatment therapy approaches lay a solid foundation for change. We use a variety of methods that help individuals change behaviors and embrace sobriety. Some of our methods include:

Our Men’s Rehab Program Includes More than Just Talk Therapy

  • While all of these therapies pave the way for change, we also want our Clients to have fun and develop new coping mechanisms during their experience at drug and alcohol rehab in Lake Arrowhead, California. In addition to Experiential Therapy, we also have a vast array of amenities on our 22-acre grounds. Our amenities include:
    • State of the art fitness center
    • Professional recording studio
    • Outdoor pool and sauna
    • Meditation pyramid
    • Large movie theater
    • Instructor-led yoga therapy
    • Indoor racquetball court

    Don’t put off your recovery at the residential treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California for another minute. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 to learn more about our residential men’s rehab program.