Man Who Attended Our Male-Only Drug and Alcohol RehabMillions of men living in the United States are currently dealing with a drug or alcohol abuse problem. Although attending drug and alcohol rehab is the best course of action, only a small portion will actually seek help. If your substance abuse problem has grown worse with time, you can take steps to gain control over your behavior. At Serenity Lodge in California, our professionals can help you get clean and teach you skills for lasting sobriety.

Addiction Requires Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you’re hoping that your addiction problem will go away on its own, think again. Addiction is a chronic and gradual disease that intensifies over time. Although it causes cravings that never fully vanish, drug and alcohol rehab teaches individuals how to manage these urges.

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Without addiction treatment programs, many users stay caught in the cycle of abuse. Fortunately, you don’t have to let your addiction problem continue to go untreated. By seeking help at Serenity Lodge now, you can increase your chances of achieving true rehabilitation.

Rehab is more than a physical journey. For many men, insecurities and personal problems fuel addiction. For others, addiction develops as a result of avoiding negative emotions or dealing with past trauma. Drug and alcohol rehab is a chance to confront these issues while developing healthy coping methods for the future.

How Else Can Drug and Alcohol Rehab Help?

Serenity Lodge offers many comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to help individuals reach their goals. Our evidence-based addiction therapy approaches have helped many men overcome addictive behaviors and embrace lasting sobriety.

For many men, the rehab experience begins with medically assisted detox. At our partner facility, specialists help clients get past withdrawal symptoms as harmful toxins leave the body. Although withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, they’re rarely life-threatening under professional medical supervision.

Upon completing detox, Clients transition into our facility. Our compassionate professionals—many of whom are in active recovery themselves— will help you develop personalized treatment plans. Rather than providing generalized assistance, customized treatment is more effective at addressing a man’s individual needs.

Start Your Journey Towards Total Rehabilitation in California

If you need help beating addiction, our men’s rehab programs can help. Serenity Lodge has a broad scope of treatment tools and resources to help individuals achieve their recovery goals. We will be by your side from the start of our program until successful completion.

Our drug and alcohol rehab facility offers multiple levels of care, including:

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Don’t suffer in silence because of your drug or alcohol problem any longer. Serenity Lodge in California can help you and your family get through this challenging time. You can beat addiction and discover healthy tools for resisting the temptation to ever use again. To start your personal transition towards lasting sobriety, call our office at (855) 932-4045.