Partial Hospitalization PHP Treatment Program

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Men and women can take many different routes to experience recovery. In many cases a partial hospitalization PHP treatment program is proven effective in the fight against addiction. A gender-responsive partial hospitalization program at Serenity Lodge could be a viable option for you or a loved one.

Defining PHP

PHP addiction treatment can be a smart choice for recovery. These programs serve as a middle ground between inpatient hospitalization and outpatient programs. In some cases, it can be a step down from a residential inpatient addiction treatment program. For others with severe addiction histories or other serious medical issues, a partial hospitalization can serve as a good starting point.

Although partial hospitalization at Serenity Lodge has a more rigid schedule than our intensive outpatient program, it provides more flexibility than an inpatient program without sacrificing quality treatment therapies.

Candidates for PHP Care

PHP offers the most benefits for men and women with severe addiction issues or mental health concerns. As many as half of all individuals struggling with addiction also suffer from some kind mental health disorder. Because the two are often linked, treating both conditions simultaneously is the best approach.

Serenity Lodge might also recommend partial hospitalization for individuals who might be in a particularly volatile state following withdrawal. Enrolling in our PHP program ensures that they have a safe, comfortable space to recover with immediate access to professional medical care. Most facilities require consent to administer medications during times of distress or disruption due to mental health conditions or withdrawal. In addition to our PHP program, we also offer on-site drug and alcohol detoxification.

Prospective Guests may also struggle to accomplish everyday tasks or adhering to a set schedule. If they have trouble eating, sleeping or functioning in a group environment normally, starting treatment with PHP can help set a solid recovery foundation.

Partial Hospitalization Program Guidelines: What to Expect

In many ways, men and women will find PHP similar to residential rehabilitation programs. They often include set schedules that take up the bulk of each day, ensuring that all Guests have a routine in their lives. The main difference is that they usually return home at night.

Like other addiction treatment programs, our partial hospitalization program generally involves addiction therapy and, when necessary, dual diagnosis treatment. In some cases, Guests can take advantage of various alternative therapies, including fitness and expressive arts therapy.

About the Partial Hospitalization PHP Treatment Program in Lake Arrowhead, California

A partial hospitalization program at Serenity Lodge provides another alternative for men and women to embrace recovery. The main requirement for our Guests is to commit sobriety for the duration of the program while acquiring strategies to achieve lasting recovery.

PHP is just one way that you can tackle addiction for good at our 22-acre, gender-responsive facility. To learn more about our programs, call Serenity Lodge today at 866-379-4365.