Man Wondering Where He Can Use His Health Insurance for Addiction TreatmentTreating addiction almost always requires professional help. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t seek help because they worry about expense. With health insurance, coverage may be completely free, or at least partially paid for by providers. Find out how insurance can cover drug addiction treatment at Serenity Lodge.

How the ACA Can Those Seeking Addiction Treatment

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, having medical insurance means having access to addiction treatment. The ACA changed the whole insurance industry. It also revolutionized how the general public views addiction and health insurance companies as a whole.

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The ACA confirms that addiction is a disease. It classifies substance abuse disorders as one of the 10 essential elements of health care coverage. This means that addiction is no longer viewed as a choice or a defect, and all individuals struggling with addiction legally have access to treatment covered under their insurance plan.

The ACA also makes sure that all policyholders will qualify for at least some type of insurance. In years past, some insurance companies denied individuals coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Addiction, for many, is a pre-existing condition, and that should never preclude people from receiving quality treatment or coverage.

Clearly, the ACA has made it easier for individuals to qualify for coverage and receive addiction treatment under their policy. However, there are still many variables at play. For that reason, it’s important to pay close attention to the facility as well as the individual policy itself.

Health Insurance Coverage and Program Accreditation

Medical insurance companies have an obligation to policyholders, but they also have to be concerned about their own bottom line. For that reason, many insurance providers only want to work with accredited medical professionals and facilities. Better care means a greater chance of success, a lower rate of relapse and lower overall costs for the insurance companies in the long term.

When choosing an addiction treatment facility, start by looking at accredited programs. Not only will it mean better care, evidence-based treatment and a lasting chance of success, it could translate to better coverage and lower costs.

The Fine Print: Variations on Individual Insurance Policies

Finding out if health insurance covers addiction treatment will typically require individuals to take a closer look at their individual policies. Variables such as deductible amounts, duration stipulations and network requirements can all make a difference.

An insurance deductible is the annual amount the policyholder must pay before the insurance coverage kicks in. This can vary significantly from policy to policy, and in some cases Clients will need to pay the deductible before their insurance will cover addiction treatment.

Other details to look for in an insurance policy include:

  • Annual or lifetime coverage limits
  • Requirements to stay in network
  • Coverage of inpatient versus outpatient care
  • Length of addiction treatment that will be covered

Verifying Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Even after taking a closer look at an individual insurance policy or learning more about the ACA, verifying coverage can seem confusing. Often, the best choice is simply to gather personal insurance information and contact a alcohol and drug rehab facility directly. At Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, we can answer questions about insurance and confirm your coverage for addiction treatment.

While health insurance will often cover some or all of the costs of addiction treatment, getting help should be your top priority. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 to find out more about effective and affordable addiction treatment.