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Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Because withdrawal complications can be deadly, people struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction shouldn’t try to stop using on their own. Even with the best intentions, they’re more likely to relapse when they don’t seek professional help to address their addiction. Fortunately, our quality drug addiction treatment program along with our medically supervised drug and alcohol detox can help people achieve long-term recovery safely.

Why You Need a Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Drug addiction treatment programs in Lake Arrowhead, California exist for those who can’t control their drug use. Their issues have developed beyond substance abuse treatment in California, meaning they’ve lost the power of choice. Instead, their chemically altered brains influence every decision. At this point, individuals will stop at nothing to satisfy their cravings.

The most effective treatment facilities use various evidenced-based and holistic therapies based on each guest’s needs. Therapists use treatment approaches like California’s cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Trauma Informed counseling to determine the root cause of addiction. These approaches also help therapists teach life skills, relapse prevention techniques and ultimately how to live sober lives. Learn more about addiction treatment therapy in Lake Arrowhead, California.

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While addiction programs take place in many settings, the drug addiction treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California has a serene and safe environment. People can receive treatment at private therapy practices, but those types of programs often fail to provide lasting support.

Is a Addiction Treatment Effective?

The best drug addiction treatment programs strive to make you productive members of society once again. Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows that those who take advantage of extended care and receive continued treatment stand the best chance at sustained sobriety. They’re also less likely to be involved in criminal activity, while showing an improvement in occupational, psychological and social function. The best therapies also teach you to change negative behaviors and develop an effective relapse prevention plan.

However, treatment effectiveness ultimately depends on three main factors: the severity of the addiction, a facility’s therapy resources (staff, program access, etc.) and the willingness to get help. While making a commitment to change goes a long way, it’s also important to be highly selective when choosing a facility.

How Long Does a Drug Addiction Treatment Program Take?

There’s no preset length of time that it takes to complete drug addiction treatment programs in Lake Arrowhead, California. Since the severity of addiction varies between people, they progress through treatment at their own pace.

However, research shows that success is dependent on adequate treatment. In general, programs that last for 90 days or more have higher success rates than shorter programs. Lifelong treatment is essential for lasting success and maintaining abstinence.

How Do Rehabs Keep People in Treatment?

For even the best facilities, keeping people in rehab long enough to be effective can be difficult. However, the best facilities go out of their way to use engaging motivational strategies to help Men with addiction. Having compassionate therapists who establish positive relationships with rehab residents also helps.

It’s also vital for those in recovery to have positive family and friends support before, during and after treatment. When they can’t get this type of support, they need to seek it from other sources. Whether through the drug and alcohol rehab center in California or local support group, people find it easier to recover when they realize that they’re not alone.

Drug Addiction Treatment at Serenity Lodge

People struggling with substance abuse and addiction don’t have to struggle alone. Addiction help at Serenity Lodge offers people a second chance at life.

Located in California, our 22-acre, amenity-rich facility allows clients to relax while focusing on recovery. During residential treatment, residents can take advantage of:

  • Gym for fitness therapy
  • Library
  • Pool
  • Recording studio

Stop letting addiction control how you live. Contact us to enroll at the drug addiction treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California. Our proven therapies can help you conquer substance abuse for good. Call Serenity Lodge at (855) 932-4045.