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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many people think that detox automatically brings about sobriety. While detox is certainly an important first step in the addiction recovery process, it doesn’t combat the destructive behaviors that led to addiction. During individual counseling, therapists at Serenity Lodge rely upon the cognitive behavioral therapy program in Lake Arrowhead, California to change negative behaviors and encourage clients to proactively seek change. Learn more about addiction treatment programs in Lake Arrowhead, California.

What is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT) is a form of psychotherapy acknowledging a direct correlation between feelings and thoughts. It’s based on the premise that it’s not an event or situation that upsets individuals: rather, it’s the feelings and thoughts associated with the event that fuel their reactions. For a myriad of reasons, these emotions stem from irrational beliefs developed over a long period of time. Dual diagnosis treatment in Lake Arrowhead, California focuses on not only addiction but mental health issues as well.

While undergoing CBT in Lake Arrowhead, California, our therapists and Clients work together to devise coping strategies to discourage negative behaviors.

Why We Address Coping Skills

While everyone inherently possesses coping skills, many Clients enter treatment with negative ones, including:

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  • Denial
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Displacement
  • Rationalization
  • Trivialization

At Serenity Lodge, our therapists aim to help clients deal with life’s obstacles in a more positive manner. We encourage positive coping skills, such as:

  • Adapting negative emotions into positivity
  • Journaling to express feelings
  • Meditating to put the mind at peace
  • Exercising to release endorphins

Many times, holistic treatment approaches help aid the recovery process. Client have found Experiential Therapy in our amenity-rich environment to be especially helpful. Also used at Serenity Lodge, dialectical behavior therapy in Lake Arrowhead, California provides talk therapy to continue the recovery process. 

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program is Goal-Oriented in Nature

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program is Goal-Oriented in Nature

At Serenity Lodge, we don’t think of “recovery” as a destination. Rather, it’s a journey of discovery. We help each of our Clients learn newer, more productive ways of living without having to rely on substances. Our therapists address behaviors during their past addiction to move forward in a healthier, more positive direction. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy in Lake Arrowhead, California is a big piece of the recovery puzzle, and when combined with a comprehensive 12-Step Program and group and family counseling, it can go a long way in fostering sustainable recovery in a peaceful, non-judgmental environment. 

To learn more about what Serenity Lodge can offer, call (855) 932-4045 for CBT in Lake Arrowhead, California.