Serenity Lodge offers individualized solutions for men who have made the decision to put their drug and alcohol addictions behind them. Our customized addiction treatment programs allow guests to grasp the underlying causes of their dependence, work through accompanying psychological and relationship issues, and make goals for lifelong recovery. Even after graduation from Serenity Lodge, we never leave our guests out in the cold. Our Alumni Program provides ongoing peer support and gives recovering men a strong and reliable safety net.

Our Alumni Program Builds on Your Success

Young adult man smiling because he is a Member of Our Alumni ProgramGraduating from Serenity Lodge is an accomplishment. It means that you’re now ready to take your newfound sobriety out into the world. That being said, we understand that you might have difficulty maintaining your clean lifestyle when temptations and old patterns rear their ugly heads. This is why Serenity Lodge has set up alumni support systems that provide a safety net as you navigate through post-treatment life.

Our Alumni Program contains several components specially designed to foster your ongoing success. As the name suggests, our program is made up of your peers, other men who have traveled their own long road to health and sobriety. Like few others can, they understand just what you have gone through. Additionally, many of them have also been through the recovery process and can share their unique experiences with you.

As comrades in the lifelong battle for sustained sobriety, you can give and receive support in dealing with the numerous challenges that arise. Help from peers can be invaluable if you’re tempted to relapse or if you’re going through a life crisis.

Furthermore, the doors to Serenity Lodge always remain open to men in our Alumni Program. Whether you graduated yesterday or years ago, you’re always welcome and encouraged to participate in our ongoing sobriety support groups. Our therapists and counselors are always available to cheer your progress and help you through the hard times.

Laying the Foundations of Recovery

Addiction recovery is a process. In order to reap the benefits of our Alumni Program, guests must first engage in our addiction treatment programs. If required, you will receive safe, medically supervised detox off-site at our partner facility. Then, you will join our inpatient community, and begin the process of healing at our safe haven; tucked far away from the stress and triggers of the big city.

In addition to our residential inpatient program, we offer multiple levels of care, including:

Amenities at Serenity Lodge

Restoring your physical, mental, and spiritual health happens in a variety of ways at Serenity Lodge. In addition to evidence-based, individualized addiction therapy, you can put your body and soul back together as you enjoy recovery enhancing amenities. Some of these include the following:

  • Movie theater
  • 1500-square-foot gym
  • Pool
  • 12-person sauna
  • Professional recording studio
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Meditation
  • Golf and racquetball

Take the First Step

Serenity Lodge’s Alumni Program is a safe port on a long journey toward lifelong freedom from alcohol and substance addiction. If you’re a man looking to put addiction behind you once and for all, we can help.

Make a pledge to yourself to regain control of your physical, mental, and spiritual health with the help of our compassionate addiction experts. Call Serenity Lodge today at 866-379-4365 today to learn more about us.