Alcohol rehab is one of the most important types of treatment in American healthcare today. Millions of Americans struggle with alcohol addiction and the damage this disease causes in their lives. Learn how the right alcohol rehab can help people transform their lives.

The Role of Alcohol Rehab in Recovery

Man Who Sought Recovery at Our Alcohol Rehab for MenThere are many types of alcohol rehabilitation programs. Most guide individuals through therapies targeting the root causes of their substance abuse. Addressing these underlying issues and co-occurring conditions are important factors in a successful recovery. Relapse prevention and coping skills are also vital since alcohol, triggers, and temptations are everywhere.

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The first step of alcohol recovery is detox. During this process, you’ll experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that occur after stopping alcohol use. After entering into our supervised detox program, our professionals can help you stay safe, healthy, and comfortable while your body adapts to alcohol not being in your system. Once detox is complete, you can enter our quality rehab program.

Many people begin recovery with residential inpatient treatment. This setting encourages people to focus on their needs without the stress of everyday life. During residential treatment, you’ll fully immerse yourself in your program while living at the facility 24/7. Your individualized treatment plan will include individual counseling, group therapy, holistic treatments, educational sessions, and other methods for recovery. Residential treatment also helps you form strong bonds with peers in recovery. These relationships provide support throughout your lifetime.

If your life limits you from taking part in a residential program, you can still get help for alcohol abuse through other levels of care. Another smart choice is intensive outpatient treatment. Also known as IOP, it provides the same proven therapies as residential rehab without interfering with your daily life. You’ll meet at the rehab facility for a set number of days and hours per week.

Recovery Takes Ongoing Attention and Care

Alcohol addiction rehab doesn’t last forever. Once you finish your drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you’ll have to apply everything you learned in rehab to your daily life. You’ll also need a healthy daily schedule and goals for your life encouraging you forward in good health.

Additionally, people you meet in residential rehab or IOP treatment form part of your support at home. You also need friends and family supporting you as you regain control over your life. Many people seek community support groups after rehab and attend those for many years. The outcome of your recovery rests on your shoulders, but attending a quality rehab facility will leave you well-equipped for the future.

The Alcohol Treatment People Need Is in Southern California

People from all over Southern California and other parts of the world seek alcohol rehab at Serenity Lodge. Just as the name implies, Serenity Lodge provides space and time for the focus you need toward healthy, lasting recovery. The residential rehab program of Serenity Lodge includes 22 beautiful acres where you begin your new life in sobriety.

While gaining the education, therapies, and skills you need for a lifetime of recovery, you enjoy the amenity-rich environment of the lodge. These amenities include:

  • Fitness therapy in a 1,500 square foot gym
  • Movie theatre
  • Sauna and swimming pool
  • Professional recording studio
  • Racquetball and golf
  • Meditation and nutritional, prepared meals

If you or a man you love need alcohol addiction rehab, Serenity Lodge in Southern California provides Clients with skills, education, and therapy needed for strong recovery. Call Serenity Lodge now at (855) 932-4045 for more information about available addiction treatment programs.