Man in Danger of Relapse Who Needs Sober Living ProgramRehab is critical to the addiction recovery process, but it’s far from the finish line. Achieving lifelong sobriety takes a serious commitment. Sober living programs can be extremely effective in preventing relapse.

Benefits of Sober Living Programs

Sober living programs have many advantages. Generally, these programs strictly prohibit any drug or alcohol use, which creates an extra level of accountability. They also offer a 24/7 support network for all Guests. Most importantly, these programs also help lower relapse rates.

While in these sobriety-focused living arrangements, Guests will feel like they’re part of a true community. When individuals feel isolated or alone, they’re more likely to turn back to their substance of choice. While men are around peers, they can be honest and turn to others for support and guidance. Guests can also point out problems to one another, helping everyone stay on track.

Continuing care programs like sober living arrangements help make recovery a top priority. By taking part in this form of aftercare, men can see their rates of relapse decrease significantly.

Exploring Program Details

Most of the time, rehabilitation facilities provide sober living programs for men who have already completed addiction treatment. Guests join a sober community that lives together and attends recovery meetings together. This makes it a smart transition step from a 24/7 rehab environment to a completely independent lifestyle.

Men are free to come and go to see family or go to work, which means that they are often out of the controlled environment. To encourage compliance with sobriety, urinalysis testing is a part of the schedule. This ensures that all Guests are adhering to program regulations and making the most of their recovery resources.

Living in a sober home also includes access to regular 12-step program meetings. Sometimes, groups living together hold their own meetings. Alternatively, they can travel together to local meetings. Living with other males in recovery makes it easy to do the right thing and challenging to make the wrong choice.

Ideal Candidates for Sober Life Programs

Regardless of who they are or what they do, most men can benefit from living in a sober home or facility. The candidates best suited for this lifestyle, however, will include those who don’t have a full family support network, those who have tried to recover in the past and those who need outside encouragement to succeed.

Sober lifestyle programs are especially suited to Guests who live alone or who don’t want to burden their families during recovery. They’re also ideal for those who like to be surrounded by others and who feel lonely during recovery.

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