Man Who Sought Outpatient Treatment for Addiction in Orange CountyWhen you’re getting ready to get sober, you’re making one of the most courageous and difficult decisions of your life. However, analyzing your addiction treatment options can be overwhelming. It’s important to begin treatment at the right level of care because this may be your only chance at sobriety. While residential inpatient treatment is best for many, others may benefit more from outpatient treatment for addiction.

Who Can Benefit from Outpatient Treatment?

Addiction is on a spectrum in which there are different levels of severity that will determine your level of care. It’s sort of like the different stages of cancer in the sense that stage one cancer is much easier to treat than stage three or four. Outpatient treatment typically benefits those who are further along in recovery.

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Some people make the mistake of going to an outpatient drug addiction treatment program far too early, and it hurts their sobriety. Think about how many times you told yourself that you weren’t going to get high or drunk, but you did. Addiction is such a cunning and powerful disease that if you have a severe addiction, you need to begin in a higher level of care. In order to know if outpatient treatment is right for you, it’s important to have an assessment by a treatment professional.

Transitioning to Outpatient Treatment

Most people are going to start out at in residential treatment for a variety of different reasons. Some people will need to be in residential treatment because they struggle with chronic relapses. Others may need to be in residential treatment for the beginning stages of treatment because their home life is toxic. An inpatient program gives individuals a structured environment where your mind has some time to heal.

After completing inpatient treatment, most experts recommend that you transition into outpatient addiction treatment programs to continue your recovery. Aside from going to outpatient too early, some people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need outpatient. Remember that addiction recovery is a marathon and not a sprint, so you need a decent amount of time to recover. Thinking that you’re done with treatment as soon as you finish the residential program can be a mistake.

Going straight from the residential program back to your old life without outpatient can be too much too soon. It can be very overwhelming because you won’t have the bridge between rehab and everyday life. Aside from that, studies show that people who receive continuing care have much higher chances of staying sober. By going to the outpatient program, you’ll have the support you need as you return back home, work or school.

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