How to Separate Formal Aftercare and Informal Aftercare

One size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. The same is true for continuing care after leaving an addiction treatment facility. That’s why formal aftercare and informal aftercare options exist.

After You Walk Out the Door

Man Looking at Formal Aftercare and Informal Aftercare OptionsThe recovery process isn’t complete when you graduate from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. In fact, the most difficult days may still be ahead of you. That’s why it’s vital to look at a facility’s formal aftercare and informal aftercare options with as much attention as you give to its inpatient program. A less-than-stellar institution will be so focused on getting new participants that they will hardly pay attention to their graduates. Follow-up and support may be a low priority at best, leaving graduates out in the cold and at serious risk of relapse.

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What Is Formal Aftercare for Addiction?

The most common differentiator between formal aftercare and informal aftercare is transitional living. Sometimes referred to as sober living homes, these more formal programs bridge the gap between drug rehab and full-on independence. In these cases, individuals live in a home with other roommates in recovery as they re-establish themselves back into sobriety.

While aftercare and sober living programs vary, they tend to have one primary requirement: continued sobriety. Although in many cases you’ll be able to come and go as you please, program coordinators will provide frequent urinalysis and additional monitoring to ensure you stay on the right path.

In addition to sober living, the best addiction treatment centers will continue to provide access to therapists when needed.

What Is Informal Aftercare for Addiction?

Informal aftercare qualifies as anything that’s not a post-treatment requirement. However, informal aftercare can be just as important as formal ones. Voluntary 12-step program meetings, finding a sponsor, and taking advantage of a facility’s alumni support program are all ways to stay grounded in recovery.

How Serenity Lodge Helps Men Stay on the Right Path with Formal Aftercare and Informal Aftercare Options

Located in California, Serenity Lodge offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs that include formal aftercare and informal aftercare options. We don’t want to just see you complete treatment: we also want to give you the tools for a substance-free future.

At Serenity Lodge, your healing and recovery from addiction are always our top priority. If you’re a man burdened by addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t settle for anything but the best. Call our caring counselors today at (855) 932-4045.

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