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Addiction Treatment

The Role of Psychotherapy in Addiction Treatment

Getting addiction treatment isn’t as easy as simply detoxing. Most of the time, addiction develops as a result of underlying issues such as mental health disorders. Other times, it develops as a result of negative thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors. In either case, psychotherapy can help uncover the root cause of addiction.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy includes a number of unique treatment techniques that treat mental problems. Addiction is a mental disease, which makes talk therapy an effective treatment option.

Psychotherapy is helpful at finding the cause of addiction because it’s often the result of trauma or another mental illness. Using talk therapy, therapists can help people get to the cause and limit the possibility of relapse.

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Of course, talk therapy can’t completely eliminate the chance of relapse alone. To have a fighting chance against relapse, people need to enroll in aftercare programs. Just like addiction treatment plans, aftercare is customizable to fit each person’s individual needs.

Types of Talk Therapy

Talk therapy comes in a variety of forms. One popular type is cognitive therapy, which is helpful in treating depression and anxiety.

Cognitive therapy helps people learn new ways of dealing with problems in their lives. It can also get to the root cause of an addiction. The goal is to help people gain a new perspective on life. It also teaches them healthy ways to cope with problems without using drugs.

Another form of talk therapy is behavioral therapy. Therapists use it to make people deal with problems rather than ignore them. The goal is to take a head-on approach to dealing with addiction.

Motivational sessions are another type of talk therapy. As the name suggests, motivational sessions train people to think positive. The idea is that motivation will help people remain positive during the recovery process.

The last popular type of talk therapy is psychodynamic therapy. Therapists explore clients’ bonds with family and friends. Psychodynamic therapy often uncovers social problems that lead to the development of addiction.

Family Support

Family support is also a big part of talk therapy. A number of mental issues and addictions start from problems in the home. Family support can help bring these issues to light. Also, Family Support gives family members a chance to talk to each other and resolve issues.

Family support also gives loved ones a chance to learn more about addiction. Family members don’t truly understand that addiction is a mental disorder, not a choice. Increasing their understanding makes the entire rehab process easier.

Let Serenity Lodge Help You Get the Upper Hand on Your Addiction

At Serenity Lodge, we treat our Clients with the respect and care that they deserve. We know how hard it is to seek help, and we want to reward your bravery. To give back to our Clients, we focus on providing a number of addiction treatment options. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Beyond offering addiction therapy, we also offer an amenity-rich atmosphere. Our Clients can take advantage of our 1,500-square-foot gym, and fitness area. We also offer a 12-person sauna, pool, and a professional recording studio. To help lower stress, we also offer meditation therapy.

Getting help for your addiction doesn’t mean that you have to give up comfort. Visit Serenity Lodge today to see how we go above and beyond to help our Clients experience sobriety. Call us today at (855) 932-4045 for more information.