Can’t Find An LA County Opiate Rehab For Men? There Is Another Option For You

LA County Opiate Rehab For Men

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Heroin and other opiates are two common reasons people enter treatment centers in LA County. With that knowledge, looking for LA County opiate rehab can seem very promising. Many of these rehab centers include both genders though, which could actually take away from your recovery experience. If you can’t find an LA County opiate rehab for men, you should look at other male-only locations in CA.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle For an LA County Opiate Rehab Center That Takes Both Genders

Rehab facilities that take both genders can still provide you with good treatment programs, but including women in your treatment can be problematic. There are differences in how and why Men become addicted to substances, including opiates. Why? Because Men have different mental processes and different ways they experience addiction. At treatment centers that include both genders, it’s likely that they don’t differentiate between male and female care. As a result, they may try to help you with advice and programs that just won’t work for you.

Where You Can Go Instead of an LA County Opiate Rehab Center

You’re not out of options if there are no LA County opiate rehab centers just for men. In fact, Serenity Lodge, which is only an hour and a half away from Los Angeles, can be the men’s-only treatment center that you need.

Along with being a men’s-only facility, Serenity Lodge provides our clients with leading-edge, evidence-based care. We understand that the most effective treatment deals with the mind, body and spirit. In order for our clients to get the most out of their treatment, we provide them with different programs that get to the core of their addiction issues. By doing that, we educate our clients on their specific problems and give them skills and tools to help them deal with those issues in the future.

Our facility is designed to be safe no matter what you’re doing on the premises. The 22-acre space is full of possibilities. While you’re attending treatment programs, you’ll be in contact with professionals who are trained to handle any emotional or physical issue that you’re facing. Outside of those programs, those professionals are still around to help you with day-to-day issues that you may have during times when you’re trying to relax or unwind.

Although Serenity Lodge is some distance from Los Angeles, you’re still going to be close enough to your loved ones to get the support from them you need. You can keep in contact with them and, if they’re your family members, you can have them come up for a Family Support program that can help you mend ties with them faster. These programs can also educate your family on how to help you once you leave treatment and start dealing with the struggles of the outside world.

Don’t Settle For an LA County Opiate Rehab Center That Won’t Work For You

Attending a rehab facility that caters to men is important for you during your recovery. Don’t stay in LA County if none of their opiate rehab centers cater cater only to men. Instead, travel to Serenity Lodge at Lake Arrowhead. Our programs and men’s-only location will provide you with the care that you truly need.

Don’t enter a treatment center that’s not going to be able to help you completely. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and let’s talk about how our treatment programs can help you.