Man Struggling to Find Quality Rehabs in CaliforniaRehab is an integral component to addiction treatment. When choosing rehabs in California, many individuals find the sheer selection overwhelming. For a number of reasons, a male-only facility can be preferable. Find out more about male-only rehabs in California and how they can be advantageous.

Men-Only Rehabs Create a Focused Environment

Attending rehab facilities geared exclusively for men keeps the focus on recovery rather than on romance. During addiction treatment, vulnerability is at an all-time high. This uncertainty and time of transition can make it easy to turn to others for comfort and distraction. However, multiple studies show that forming romantic relationships at this juncture is ill-advised.

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In a rehab catering to both Men, romantic relationships are far more likely to flourish. In an alcohol or drug rehab facility for men only, however, that issue may not be as relevant. By keeping the focus on therapy, counseling, and recovery, it may be easier for Clients to complete the rehab program and see lasting results.

Rehabs in California Exclusively for Men Provide Suitable Amenities

Quality addiction treatment therapies will be evidence-based, and will typically include approaches like individual cognitive behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and group counseling. In addition, Experiential Therapy and fitness therapy can be incredibly beneficial.

Among people struggling with addiction, the leading relapse causes include boredom, a lack of self-esteem and a lack of purpose. Art, music, and fitness, however, can address all three.

Physical exercise can boost circulation, increase feelings of self-worth and improve sleep. It can also create endorphins previously compromised by chemical dependency. Exercising outdoors can also boost Vitamin D absorption, reducing the likelihood of depression.

Expressive arts, such as writing or playing a musical instrument, can become a lifelong passion. It can stave off boredom, create a new hobby and stimulate conversation with others in safe settings where everyone has something in common.

Why Serenity Lodge Stands Out Amongst Male-Only Rehabs in California

At Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, our facilities offer amenities geared toward men. Some of the options available at our male-only rehab include:

  • Large gym
  • Professional recording studio
  • Reading library
  • Meditation and yoga pyramid
  • Swimming pool
  • Sports courts
  • Golfing opportunities
  • Relaxing sauna

In a mixed-gender rehab facility, group counseling, education sessions and more need to address the issues of both Men. In a male-only rehab setting, there’s no need to explore women’s issues. This allows our staff to tailor curriculums to address male-specific issues. Common topics for Clients in rehab include:

  • Exploring their masculinity in society
  • Providing financially for families
  • Anger management.

Many men want to take advantage of gender-specific counseling, a comfortable environment and a focused recovery, not to mention fantastic amenities. Serenity Lodge stands out amongst rehabs in California because we provide all of the above, with national accreditation from the Joint Commission to prove our effectiveness in treating male substance abuse.

Don’t face addiction alone. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 to verify your insurance and begin planning your route to lasting health, sobriety and happiness.