Man Struggling to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Los AngelesThere are plenty of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Los Angeles. But many of them have one thing in common: a dismal success rate when it comes to treating men. What is it about the City of Angels that makes it so difficult to get sober? More importantly, what is your alternative?

Loud, Busy, and Stressful Environments Make Recovery Difficult

Tourists know Los Angeles as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” High population density, constant stop-and-go traffic, and high pollution warnings create a stressful environment. Wherever you turn, distractions make focusing on wellness and addiction recovery difficult. Environmental and sensory stressors create anxiety in individuals vulnerable to the disease of addiction.

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Yet, right in the midst of this hustle and bustle, you find numerous drug treatment centers in Los Angeles. Because overcoming addiction calls for a stress-free setting that lets you focus on getting well, this setup often proves counterproductive. Men, in particular, respond to these stressors with a feeling of having to return to their jobs and responsibilities. Cutting short their treatments, they fail to receive the care they need.

In contrast, Serenity Lodge in Southern California sits nestled on 22 acres of secluded land. This tranquil setting promotes focus during early recovery. The space makes it possible to enjoy quiet walks and allow nature to add to the healing.

Co-Ed Treatment Centers in Los Angeles Fail to Provide Men-Centered Care

When it comes to recovery, it’s not a secret that Men have different needs. Women crave safety, security, and a nurturing setting. Men, on the other hand, thrive in an environment that’s rich in challenges, male camaraderie, and strength-based encouragement. In a co-ed setting, group therapy sessions seek to cater to both genders, and—generally speaking—they fail each one in the process.

Then, of course, there’s the distraction of having women around. Without even taking the prospect of intimacy into account, the presence of women causes men to revert to socially accepted behaviors that currently cause them to suffer stoically. Because society frowns upon men who show weakness, they typically have a harder time being open in co-ed settings.

When undergoing alcohol or drug rehab at Serenity Lodge, you benefit from men-only addiction treatment programs such as:

  • 12-Step meetings that take place on the premises
  • Residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient treatment as framework for your therapy
  • Trauma Informed counseling that helps you to tackle unresolved issues from the past
  • Talk therapy, which seeks to identify negative patterns in thoughts, behaviors, and feelings
  • Holistic modalities like nutritional counseling that complement the wellness treatment you receive
  • Recreational opportunities that deepen your commitment to physical health
  • Experiential therapy participation that helps you to express what you can’t put into words

Many treatment centers in Los Angeles lack amenities that appeal to men. Some may feature pools and outdoor patios, but the noise of the city makes relaxation impossible. Compare this to the availability of male-centric activities such as golf, racquetball courts, and a 1,500-square-foot gym.

Getting Help at Serenity Lodge Today

You don’t have to settle for a so-so rehab experience at a venue that doesn’t meet all of your needs. Why jeopardize the successful outcome of your recovery by compromising on a setting? Instead, allow the experts at Serenity Lodge to show you how a targeted recovery environment benefits men dealing with addiction. Getting help is as simple as making a phone call to (855) 932-4045 today.