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Why Alcohol Detoxification Is Important

Something everyone with a substance abuse disorder dreads once they decide to get clean is the detoxification process, but unfortunately, there is no way around it. It is impossible to become clean without going through detox and experiencing the physical side effects. The whole process might sound and feel awful, but the longer we draw it out, the worse it is going to be. Also, the sooner we start, the sooner it will be over and we can turn the focus to the recovery process.

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So why exactly is detox so vital to recovery?

  • Alcoholism cannot be treated until detox has been completed. Until your body is ready to give up alcohol physically, it will never be ready to give up alcohol mentally. Before detox is completed, your body will demonstrate a physical need and reliance on alcohol. If your body thinks it needs this substance so powerfully, your mind will not stand a chance as a defense trying to stay sober. Detox allows your body to cleanse itself from the cravings of alcohol, giving you a chance to work out the mental aspects.
  • Detox must be completed under medical supervision. So many people think that they can lock themselves away in a room and complete detox on their own, but this is extremely dangerous in the case of alcohol. Alcohol is the only addiction where withdrawal can kill you. A medical professional must be present when you are undergoing detox.

How long does it last?

The whole process of detoxification can range anywhere from 7 days all the way to 10 days. The physical side effects are very demanding and, if your body is going through this for such an extended period of time, you really have to be careful. Once the detoxification is over, it is not uncommon to feel weak and exhausted, so take things slow and make sure you are doing your best to care for yourself. It is always good to have friends and family members around to help you in case you need it. Detox is not something that you have to go through alone.


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