Men Taking Advantage of Addiction Recovery ResourcesAddiction recovery for men hasn’t been a rehab treatment option for very long. In fact, men who struggle with addiction and their loved ones might not even be aware this option exists. Here are some tips for finding addiction recovery resources for men and what to look for in a treatment program.

How to Find Addiction Recovery Resources

Statistically speaking, men are more likely than women to have substance abuse disorders. How, when and why the addiction develops also varies between genders. Men usually get help sooner as well, which affects the type of addiction recovery resources and treatment that they need.

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For example, men are more likely to seek treatment when someone suggests that they stop drinking or using. This might mean that their physical or psychological dependence doesn’t run as deep as it could for some women. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t need detox and a customized treatment plan that includes therapy.

Serenity Lodge offers a medically supervised detox program for drugs and alcohol along with a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

Men who want to get help might do a simple Internet search to find addiction recovery resources. These resources might provide general information about addiction and how it works. They could also find 12-step programs, rehab centers and support groups that can aid their journey to sobriety. The library is also a great place to look for literature.

If they’re unable to search for the information on their own, men suffering from addiction could ask friends and family for help. They can go to their family doctor for advice on the disease and referrals for local rehab centers. Men also have the option to talk to their insurance providers about finding rehabs covered in their area. In fact, the best facilities can even verify your insurance to save you or your loved one the legwork. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers must cover substance use disorder services.

What to Look for in a Treatment Program

Men who decide to seek addiction treatment have an even bigger decision to make: where to get help. There are a wealth of outpatient, inpatient and sober living programs available for men. Because of this, they need to consider several factors before choosing a rehab center.

Location is very important. Men should get help near their homes if they enter an inpatient program and want their loved ones to visit. This is also essential if they want to join an outpatient program while they continue attending school or work. If they prefer to get away from the norm to focus only on recovery, they could travel farther away.

Another factor is how long the men want, or need, treatment. Many long-term residential programs last for 60–90 days. Short-term residential or outpatient programs generally last for 30 days.

Aftercare support is another factor to consider. If men aren’t ready to re-enter society and their everyday lives, they might go through a halfway house or sober living center. The rehab center needs to be able to help them with that.

Developing relationships with other men during treatment can also produce long-term benefits. Their facility of choice should encourage a community environment that helps with relapse prevention.

Addiction Recovery at Serenity Lodge

No one treatment method or program works for everyone, so men who want to recover from addiction need rehab centers that create individualized treatment plans. This is what Serenity Lodge in California does at its all-male facility. Our Clients can step away from worldly distractions to focus on their recovery.

Within a serene, 22-acre environment, Serenity Lodge offers a new beginning to men struggling with addiction a new beginning. During their treatment, Clients have access to several amenities, including:

  • Movie theatre
  • Pool
  • Professional recording studio.

Addiction doesn’t have to control you or your loved one’s life. Fight and beat it with proven programs and therapies. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and we’ll help you restore your life.