Addiction Counseling

Finding the Best Addiction Counselor

Once you decide to take the important step to seek drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you should never feel that you’re going through it alone. The right support can provide you with guidance that you can turn to when things get tough. Part of your support system should include a qualified addiction counselor. The best counselors will give you the tools needed for recovery and beyond.

How Can an Addiction Counselor Help You?

A lot of people have trouble expressing themselves, so some turn to using drugs and alcohol instead of facing their feelings and talking things out. Not everyone grows up in a supportive environment that encourages expression or helps them develop positive coping skills. If you can’t deal with stress or tough times in a productive way, you might turn to negative coping mechanisms instead.

While you’re in early recovery, part of getting better is getting to the root of your addiction issues. You may have to open up more than you’ve ever done before. It might feel strange at first, but as you express your feelings to someone who’s open to hearing them, you’ll become more comfortable.

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A good addiction counselor will listen and provide you with some important tools that you can use once you leave your rehab facility and resume your life outside of treatment. Using these tools can make the difference between a successful recovery and relapse.

Qualities of Good Counselors

When it comes to finding an effective addiction counselor, he or she should be:

  • Licensed and credentialed
  • An excellent listener
  • Able to use discretion
  • Courteous and professional

Above all, you want to meet with someone who listens to you without being judgmental. During your addiction therapy sessions, you should feel comfortable. In addition, you should build on what you learned in recovery to help you manage stress, deal with cravings, and avoid common triggers.

Finding the Best at Serenity Lodge

At Serenity Lodge, you’ll have access to compassionate addiction counselors who are fully focused on your recovery. When you choose our facility, we’ll work hard to help you identify your core issues and work through them.

Our addiction treatment programs include:

Our spiritually oriented treatment center provides a peaceful environment. The serene surroundings give you a relaxing atmosphere in which to heal and become healthy again. In order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we offer a wealth of amenities designed to energize your body and your mind.

Sing to your heart’s content in our professional recording studio, or learn how to give your body the healthiest foods with our nutritional therapy program. Take in a film at our movie theater, or work up a sweat in our fitness center or on the racquetball court.

Clients are welcome from all over California and beyond, but we’re especially convenient for patients in San Diego County and LA County.

Are you tired of being controlled by drug or alcohol addiction? Leave the distractions of your old life behind and find a new beginning. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and get on the road to recovery.