Young Man Confused After Alcohol RelapseA while ago, you realized that you suffered from an alcohol use disorder. You sought help, made it through detoxification, received the therapy you needed, and lived a sober lifestyle that included supportive meetings. Then, one day, an alcohol relapse ended your sobriety. In addition to taking the wind out of your sails, this slip left you questioning your willpower, character, integrity and overall recovery progress. Now, what?

Can You See an Alcohol Relapse Coming?

Universally, it’s hard to suggest that you can see the potential of an alcohol relapse arising. For starters, each person in recovery is different. Secondly, each case turns on its facts. That said, some commonalities may serve as warning signs.

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  • Skipping follow-up therapy sessions. No matter what follow-up treatments the therapist suggests, the trick to success is keeping them on schedule and on time. When you realize that you’re canceling or rescheduling appointments repeatedly, you may be heading for trouble.
  • Old character flaws reappear. Before rehab, you considered your needs above those of others. During your treatment, you got help and learned how to put your needs into perspective. If old selfish habits re-emerge, consider it a warning sign.
  • You keep dangerous company. Visiting the peers in active alcohol addiction is dangerous. In their company, it’s easier to persuade yourself that one drink can’t hurt you.

How to Deal with the Aftermath of an Alcohol Relapse

The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that drug addiction relapse rates are on par with those of other chronic illnesses. Whereas those addicted to any drug might regress to the tune of 40–60%, this rate is relatively close to those relapsing after asthma or hypertension treatments (50–70 percent). Rather than chalking up your problem to a character flaw or an inability to make the treatment stick, consider that you suffer from a chronic disease that simply needs new intervention.

At the Serenity Lodge, we offer males the opportunity to restart the recovery process with a medically supervised detoxification program, relapse prevention education during residential inpatient program, a partial hospitalization, or an intensive outpatient plan. Since many of our staff members are in active recovery themselves, they understand the dangers of relapse on a personal level. Thus, there’s no judgment or condemnation.

Depending on where you’re at in life and the length of time that passed between your relapse and today, they may encourage you to undergo Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This process enables Clients to let go of their negative thoughts. It can also be helpful in developing a relapse prevention strategy, teaching you how to remain in control and look for triggers that might lead to another drinking experience. Once you know how to identify the triggers that pertain to your life, it’s possible to learn effective coping strategies.

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Although your alcohol relapse is frustrating and can leave you angry, ashamed and weakened, there’s hope. Don’t allow alcohol to once again control your thoughts, actions, and daily interactions. We’re here to help you get back up after a momentary lapse in judgment and slip in sobriety. Call Serenity Lodge today at (855) 932-4045 and get back on your recovery journey.